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November 04, 2010


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Yikes!!! Socks and sandals on a beach!!!

I am procrasting resolving outstanding issues that have stressed me out in a major way for the last few weeks. Actually, I'm not feeling that much stress anymore, and am trying to break the cycle by just dealing with the situation instead of putiing it off and worrying. Why am I putting it off if I'm not worrying?


Okay, I confess. I want to be you. Okay, I don't want to BE you. I just want to swap houses. Or live next to you! Yea, that would work! We are having rainy, cold, cloudy days here.

Josette at Halushki

Hey, you found that high school photo of us! Neat and keen! ;-)


Both children need winter coats (the old coats are too small). It is 39 degrees here today and we had a wee snow squall. (They do have fleece jackets that they wore.) It's not like this weather should be a surprise. It's the first week of November. It's only going to get colder. The winter coats have been in the stores since mid-September.

Thankfully, mother nature is taking pity on me and sending us a week of mid-50's so I can get these kids some coats! So the next time snow is in the forecast, my kids will be dressed properly.

busy bee suz

It finally cooled off here and we are LOVING it!
Not such a happy weekend, one of our good friends is losing his battle with cancer. The Coach is on his way to AZ to say goodbye.
I hope your weekend is cheerier!


I was really hoping my middle son would go on the church retreat. Then I would only have my oldest at home this weekend, and he'll be gone all day Saturday. Oh well.

Julie M

Brothers!!! Our dad's 92nd birthday is tomorrow and being the only girl and the oldest I think they were waiting for me to plan something. I didn't, just decided to go have lunch with Dad on Sun. They've all just remembered and are making plans to go to dads too. I'm glad they're making the effort, but why does everything just fall into place for them?!?! Grrrr

mom taxi julie

It's really nice here too! Are the people in the old pictures your family? That's a fun one!


I was gone all day working on the details for a women's retreat (tomorrow) and had to throw together dinner instead of the nice supper I had promised my husband.
Then I went out tonight and spent way too much money on incredible skin care supplies. (But I consider that money well spent.)


Going to do something tomorrow I would rather not but agreed months ago. Yes, being trained might come in handy BUT not only is it my anniversary weekend, it may be one of the last few NICE days we have before winter sets in. Silently reluctant, bordering on snarky at the moment because my time is almost NEVER my own... and I am also just plain mad at someone I shouldn't be but yet, I am. How's that for hormonally out of wack and quite possibly wacko?!!!


Such a fun picture! So, in the 90s yesterday and coolish and windy here in the 60s today. :)


Snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain today, yes winter is here! Cry cry cry.
I'm glad that you are having such wonderful warm weather. We did have an unusually great summer here in VT though.

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