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November 18, 2010


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Wow, very weird!

However, gratz to SB for doing so well and getting it done! :) I didn't know there was such a thing as turning your turn signal off too soon when you change lanes though!


Congratulations to SB! My EB has declined to finish the process to get his license. Interest is severely lacking. He's gotten all of the behind the wheel time with us; he just needs to schedule the official copilot time and take the test. Of course, it's now been nearly 2 full years since he did the paperwork part of it all and he'd probably need a refresher.
Oh, well. It's cheaper this way.


W 30 must've smelled a conspiracy...

Congrats to SB!


Weirdo! The DMV is a scary place to me. I've never gone there without emerging with a story of some sort.

So, does this mean there is no one in your house that needs a ride somewhere now?! Freedom! : )

gary rith

San Diego may have perfect weather, but gosh, you pay for it don't you?


LOL! Your tax dollars at work . . .

busy bee suz

What a weirdo...blame it on Arnold???
Congrats to SB!!!!!
Lo waited at least 3 months, not sure why.

Smalltown Mom

My older son waited a bit, also because of the appointment scheduling.

A statewide outage sounds suspicious.

green girl in wisconsin

I am LAUGHING at the paranoia in your state! But hooray for the license! Trust me, their inefficiency in problem solving is not unique to California. The Wisconsin DMV is a notoriously slow and cumbersome wreck of a place, too.

Susie @ A Slice of my Life

And he couldn't just offer you the temp license right away? Strange, very strange...

Watch out for Arnold, he's out to get you all!


Heh - what a tin foil hatted nut! Sure - ALL news outlets lie - yeah, THAT's reality!
And yeah - why not just tell you from the start "computers are down, but here's what I can do..."
I mean, if this is something they are used to, then he should have been proactive, right?

Anyhow - congrats to SB!


Maybe someone just forgot to turn them back on after the 4 day weekend?

Congrats to SB!

Baby Favorite

Paranoid much? Geez. I'm sure that's what he and his coworkers were outside discussing while you waited.

Gotta love customer service these days, and I use the term loosely.

Congrats to SB!


That's the most bizarre DMV story I've heard, and there are many.

But congratulations to SB!

Mrs. G.

“Okay. So plan A is that we wait here for an indeterminate number of hours waiting for the system to come back up. Is there a plan B?”

I wish your voice could be in my head sometimes so that I could be so articulate and pointed.

Congratulations SB!!!!


How on earth did Arnold get elected twice when we're a blue state? I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THAT.


Mostly, I love tha tyou talked him into an option he would never have gotten to on his own. The Arnold thing is baffling--like it saves the state money to hose things up repeatedly?


Consider the source: Mr. Window W30 has CHOSEN to work at the DMV. As for ARNOLD...he's always been unusual.

Kalynne Pudner

Arnold's arms are long as well as big! The computers were all down here in Alabama on November 10, when I renewed mine and Number Three Son got his learner's permit. We didn't get the paper copy option, though. For the next four kids, I'm flying you in to help.

The Girl Next Door

So strange! Congrats to you for being a Woman With a Plan! And to SB for the license.

Amy the Mom

That's an odd little story! Kudos to the lovely SB for earning her license!


Arnold? Indeed...Plan B sounds like it was winner, although a bit Twilight Zone-ish.


Ooh, conspiracy!

Congratulations, though, to the new driver.


Congrats to SB!!

Hmm, one wonders why he didn't let people know about option 2.

I went to the DMV at the beginning of the month for my 10 year renewal, and it was surprisingly quick to get called on (I had an appointment) but what took forever was the line to get your photo taken.

The other surprise was that the parking lot - which is HUGE - was completely full. So I had to park on a residential street and walk a half block.


Congrats to SB! I didn't pass the first time because it took my 5 points to make a 3 point turn. Bleh.

And Arnold? Wha?

mom taxi julie

Jess has her appt on the 29th of Dec! Hopefully the computers will be working that day!

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