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December 13, 2010


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Hi Jenn, thanks again for answering my questions about this. I've stolen your idea and am working on modifying it for use without a bread machine.


Looks and sounds delicious! I can see why people are wanting to be on the list. One of my ex employers made peanut brittle to give out, and I'm a little bummed I won't be getting any this year.


Thanks for the memories - my grandma used to make cinnamon rolls for various people for Christmas. We always called them "sticky buns". She made the dough all by hand - I don't think she even had a stand mixer - she probably made 15-20 pans worth. I used to help her once I got to be a teen and have made them myself occasionally. I should do it again this year!

Jen on the Edge

I wish I lived in your town so that I could beg my way onto your list.


I would love to be on your list if I lived there!

Susan Walker/BabyFavorite

This is a fantastic gift idea!! I love it because folks can enjoy them on Christmas morning.

However, for those of us who (no longer) have bread machines, is there a different way to do this?


I remember seeing this on TWC and thinking "what an awesome idea!" Thanks for reposting and making me think "what an awesome idea!" again! I'd love to start this but it won't happen this year. I'll be lucky to get much of anything made. My two year old loves to "help" in the kitchen....oy.


Don't you think you should raffle one pan off to your loyal commenting public? Pick me! Pick me!

green girl in wisconsin

Okay, if I make these, my husband will totally give me anything I want. And I really really want a plane ticket....this might be the ticket!

Mama Hen Em

I'm totally stealing - I mean borrowing- this from you. I love LOVE this idea!! Currently I made about 10 different types of candy, but it takes FOREVER.

Life As I Know It

Every year I think I should make cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast, and every year I run out of time...you may have inspired me to plan ahead for them. But I also bake dozens and dozens of cookies that I give away...ah the holidays!

reluctant blogger

haha I can just imagine you with your production line going, buzzing about doing other jobs at the same time. You are amazing and those look fantastic.


A wonderful idea for a gift - heartfelt, homemade and delicious!

Busy Bee Suz

Dang, I wish I was on your list!!
This is a very thoughtful gift.


Sounds SO yummy. Too funny on not being able to drop anyone from the list.


yumm-o! Where's mine??


Oh! What a great sounding thing... Yum.


Question - do you roll out the whole ball for the two tins, or roll it out in two pieces? And how thin do you roll it?

Lisa G.

Great idea! I've been meaning to do cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning , made ahead and frozen, but was never sure which step to freeze them, and how to bake from freezer.

How did you delver them to kids' teachers without defrosting? Or is defrosting and refreezing okay?

(And where do we send your commissions for all the great ideas we ...um, borrow?)

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