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December 14, 2010


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What a sweet ornament!
Our house and tree get decorated in small bites, a process that began when the kids were younger. They enjoyed looking around each day and seeing what was new and different.
This year, the tree was up for 2 days before lights appeared. Ornaments may or may not wait for MM's return from college on Friday. The house has minimal decorations right now, but I'll probably get the rest out today or tomorrow.


Love that ornament! I'm planning a post about my favorite ornaments. Love the history behind all the ornaments on the tree. We did our indoor decorations and the tree in two days. The weather here has been so ridiculous, we have NO outdoor decorations except for the wreath we stuck on the door.

Busy Bee Suz

That is so sweet. I have a heart with out names dated 1987 too. :) (not our married year though)
I remember making bread dough ornaments in school!!!


Well done! There is absolutely NO RULE that says everything has to be done in one day.

You must be storing this ornament well (in the freezer?). My bread dough ornaments got eaten one year between Christmases and all I had left was crumbs and pieces. sigh


I usually take a few days to decorate. I do it all myself except for putting the ornaments on the tree. The kids like to help with that.


I like your salt dough bride and groom, wasn't it all so much fun that first married Christmas? We have a silver heart engraved with our wedding date that we hang every year.

I am the only one who decorates so...I have stretched it over a few days and usually start with outside so atleast it LOOKS like we are ready. Inside we are nowhere near anything resembling ready but if you dare to enter, be certain I will give you a job and expect it done! Meanwhile the live tree sits in a bucket of water, waiting for a piece of furniture to be moved! One day? No, not for me!

Mama Hen Em

I love your dough ornament! I have a Santa and a Raggedy Ann from the '70's that my godmother made for me. I love that they are so old. I usually do everything except the outside lights in one day, but not this year. It was quite nice to take a few days and really enjoy decorating! Have a wonderful Christmas!



I get the major work done over thanksgiving weekend. The outside has to be done over that time or it never would BE done. I get the tree up and lit, but I leave the ornament boxes in the room and decorate slowly over the course of the week following. I like to sit and savor the process. Especially since I have enough ornaments to decorate 3 full sized trees easily!

green girl in wisconsin

Awwww...that's a cute ornament. A nice marker of milestones.


so sweet! When Dave and I were decorating the tree (you have no idea how giddy that makes me!!!), I came across two "Our First Christmas" ornaments...one from 1981 (first ex-husband) and 1992 (second ex-husband). Of course, they didn't go on the tree LOL but Dave commented that since neither of those marriages worked out, perhaps those ornaments were the jinx and so he and I will NOT be getting "Our First Christmas" ornaments at all :-) But we did put on a boy snowman & a girl snowman, a shiba ornament & a Max (from the Grinch) ornament and we know what it means :-)


So cute!!!! My son's handprint ornament fell and bit the dust last week. I was bummed because obviously I can't re-make his 3 year old little cute hand....


Like you, I used to do it all in a day. However, the working full time put an end to that and you know what? No one died! ;)

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