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January 09, 2011


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Love your blog and your attitude! I don't have a blog for you to visit, so keep on posting here, k?


Your positive attitude is the reason I read your blog. I'm glad to hear that you're going to keep on blogging.

reluctant blogger

Wow, 1000 posts and I am sure I have read every one of them. You are an amazing blogger, Jenn - you talk a load of sense but are never patronising. That is a much harder balance to strike that you realise and few manage it.
I love love love your blog x


I have thought often about trying to start a blog, but haven't yet taken the plunge ... too busy reading everyone else! I always enjoy your posts, whatever the subject matter.

Naomi B.

I posted my favorite writers from the WC into my reading favorites folder. So I don't subscribe, don't always comment, don't have a blog of my own, but I check in almost every day.


I, too, am sure I've read every single one of your posts. Your perspective often makes me think, and that's a good thing! Keep on keepin' on, please?


I never comment but I just wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog. I have you in my reader under favorites and those are the ones I always read first. I also try to be a positive person and it is refreshing to read your pages. Thanks.


I check in pretty much every day to see if you've posted something - you have become my #1 blog to check, actually. I love your writing, I love your outlook, and I think you are an amazing person and mother. That pretty much sums up why I keep coming back! I'm a lousy commenter, though. I have gotten a bit better over time, but it still needs some work! :)


Hey. I've stopped blogging. Still read a few including yours. Happy 1000th!

Smalltown Mom



Hi Jen! Just wanted to say congrats to you on the "blogversary"(now there's a word for ya!) and to say I admire your writing. Filled with truth, insight and tempered with reason you usually hit the nail on the head for me. Keep writing, living and loving your crew and all will be good in the universe!Peace and blessings, may the journey be long and the ride intersting!


I love reading your blog and hearing about your family with older children/adults. This BETTER not be your last post!


i do read an occasionally comment...i've linked my blog, but i'll warn you, it's likely totally NOT in line with your politics ('tis why i never share it).

gary rith

OK, this time, with the family photo? I am thinking, correct me if I am wrong, that your younger son is the tallest in the fam? WOW!
hey, keep on writing, congrats on the thou :)


I first came across you on the Women's Colony. CongaRats on the 1000/1000.

Busy Bee Suz

Congrats Jenn.
I think I have read almost everyone of your posts, you are inspiring and of course I love your positive attitude. (You know some people have been annoyed by my sunny outlook!!! crazy)
I keep coming back because I keep learning new things from you; another perspective in this thing we call life!


Congrats! That's quite a milestone.

I too love your positive attitude about things! I'm inspired by it, actually, as a person who battles against my own negativity frequently.

green girl in wisconsin

Congratulations, Jenn!
And you can hopefully add me to your list of "bloggers met" next month--I'll email you soon!!!!
I'm so glad I found YOU out here in the blogosphere, you're on my list of influential bloggers, along with Mrs. G and Mary Alice.

Jen on the Edge

Congrats on hitting this milestone!

Please don't stop blogging -- how else would I learn the skinny on parenting teenagers?

Meg B.

I admire your writing style. Your interesting and articulate posts are fun to read and have illustrated to me that coherent and consistent blogging is possible.

Your sunny attitude is also an inspiration.


I'm happy to comment and say congrats on a terrific blog! I really do mean to comment more, but then I find I am finished with breakfast and must head off to work! Those young minds won't mold themselves! (Actually, I believe they would, but I'm happy to facilitate!)

You don't need to visit my blog. I've let it languish...


I don't comment often, but I have before. I've lost my blogging umph - maybe I'll get it back, who knows. But I still enjoy reading you and many others. Congrats on 1000 posts!


I drop in Mon through Thurs (I don't like the Confessional on Friday). While I have a blog site, I seldom blog...in fact, I posted on Dec 25, 2010, exactly one year after my previous post. So keep blogging, I'm enjoying your snippets of your family.


Congratulations, what a milestone!


Congrats on 1000! I'm one who has no blog and rarely comments on anyone's blog. I added you to my Google reader feed after reading you at The Women's Colony.


I always read your blog. This single 29 year old Floridan thinks it's fun to see how a family in California lives their lives. Similarities connect more than differences disconnect. Yay for 1000!


I'm so glad you started this blog, and that I found it. I love your positivity, and to be honest, find the angst blogs a bit annoying sometimes.
If all 300 people comment, are you really going to visit each one? Knowing you, yes.


Wow - 1000 posts is a major milestone and an indication of a lot of dedication. So glad to have found you and honored that you read me, too!


Hi from Holland (Europe)! I used to blog and still enjoy reading yours. Thanks!


Happy 1,000th blog post. I'm one of those that read you daily but don't comment often. Keep the posts coming!!


Happy Anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog and hope you will continue for at least 1000 more!


As someone with 476 Google readers and has been blogging longer than you, I can tell you that not everyone reads our blogs every time we post. Some have joined and check the titles in Google and if it appeals, they read, if not, they move on.

How do I know that? Because I've joined lots and lots and LOTS of blogs but don't read more than 10.


Happy 1,000 posts! That is so awesome! I am so glad you are continuing your blogging -- I really enjoy reading "you."


As one of the Google Reader readers, I want to wish you a congrats! I have enjoyed reading about you and your family and especially value the insights to education that you share. Thanks!


I don't comment often, but always enjoy reading your blog. I especially find your posts about education to be spot-on. If only the powers-that-be would listen! Anyhoo, thanks for sharing your life, your thoughts and your humor! And congratulations on #1000!


Keep going! I read you (nearly) every day.


I ALWAYS read you. I've been enjoying reading you as kind of a "yes, I will make it through my kid's early years to their teenage/early adult years" inspiration! And I always love your insights into the education system. More of those posts would be welcome!


Congrats on hitting the 1,000 mark! I've been reading you since near the beginning of my own blogging, but I honestly couldn't tell you if you are in my Google reader... I never did figure out how to use the thing! You are in my feed reader on Flock. :)

Martha Mc

I look forward to your daily posts and so enjoy your writing as well as your content and discussions on life, family, and education. I should probably do a better job of leaving comments on sites that I visit daily. Keep up the good work.





congrats on your 1,000 post! Love that picture of you and your family :-)

tonya lynn

congrats on 1,000!

Mama Hen Em

Love your blog, Jen. Your authenticity and outlook on life keeps me coming back! Congrats on your 1000th post!


I generally don't comment. But I almost always read.


"...clicking my way down one rabbit hole after another..." Oh I like that expression! Precisely what happens, once you start reading blogs.
Congrats on 1,000 posts.


De-lurking here.

Found you through the WC. Loved you there & loving you here now.

I'm not a Momma yet (waiting for the adoption to go through), and I only hope that I can be as good a one as you are with kids as fantastic as yours!

Kelly, The Glass Dragonfly

Look at all these comments! Nice.

1,000 posts!? That's awesome.

Grown-Up Girl

Happy Birthday Mom! Oh, wait... Happy Comment Begging Day, Mom! =) But congratulations on 1000 posts, you deserve all the acclaim you receive!


Love your blog and I feel like I "know" you and your family. Is that a little creepy? I hope not! I feel like you could live next door to me (in fact, I wish you did! You were the one who posted my conundrum about friendship, "Ask Jenn Juggling"). Anyway, keep up the great work! I find you to be very articulate and honest.


Very much enjoy reading your blog. I "found" you through reading the Women's Colony, and followed you when it disbanded. I appreciate your attitude towards life in general. Thanks for the great reads!

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