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January 16, 2011


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Ok. One plus to having a kid who gets up extra-early -- I may be first! Although, probably not so good for the random number generator.

My first mystery novels were the Trixie Belden series. I had them all. I was very sad when they went out of print but I saw them again a few years ago. I should see if I can find them for my kids. Or dig my old ones out of storage. After Trixie, I went through Agatha Christie, some Sherlock Holmes and a few Nancy Drew.

I don't read as many mysteries as I used to. My mom tried to hook me into the Janet Evanovich series. I thought it was ok. I should check out some of the other series out there. I may find a new favorite mystery series.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Hardy Boys books when I was young. I don't read very many mystery novels now since I truly scare easily; I will remember scenes for a long time and sleep will elude me. (I can't watch scary movies, either.)
I should probably pass on this giveaway!

ccr in MA

Nancy Drew for absolutely sure. When I got a bit older, my mother introduced me to Robert Parker's Spenser series, and the Dick Francis books, and I just took off from there.

I don't read quite as much mystery these days as I used to (I OD'd on serial killers a few years ago), but I always love a recommendation!


Bossy doesn't want to put herself in the running for this book because TOO MANY BOOKS AND NO TIME TO READ THEM, but this was a fun review!

another sue

Youngest family member - older brothers - it was all Hardy Boys, all the way. Mom then loaned out the series to someone & they never came back. It was like losing friends.


I started my attachment to mysteries with the Nancy Drew series - including those my mom had as a child. I'm a big fan of Robert B. Parker - I've read all of his series except the westerns ... I've always loved to read - some years I just have more time than others ...


Totally Nancy Drew here, like many others. Then I grew up and realized I miss some sort of natural curiosity--I'd start reading mysteries, get half way through, shrug, and stop. I sort of didn't care who dunnit.

All of which is to say, maybe I should hope I don't win this giveaway, eh?


I love a well written mystery too! I didn't read Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys as a kid. I love Roald Dahl and CS Lewis. I'd have to say the first mystery character I can think of would be Jason Bourne by Robert Ludlum. I couldn't have been more than 19 when I read those books. I guess I go in for more of the fantasy/adventure/thriller.

phd in yogurtry

I'm not real big on mysteries but I did recently read a mystery of sorts, More Than You Know by Beth Gutcheon. It was a compelling look back into history, a who dunnit of sorts. I couldn't put it down.


I'm still distracted by Heather's Christmas meal tradition...yum. :)

green girl in wisconsin

Agatha Christie got me with Hercule Poirot back when I was probably 12 years old.


It was Nancy Drew for me though second in line would be Hercule Poirot.

I have the same taste in books as you - mysteries won me over and it is to mysteries I turn like an old reliable friend to entertain me when needed (like yesterday when my mind was stuck and needed a break and a Perri O'Shaunessey mystery did the trick).

Carol Wong

I missed out on Nancy Drew somehow and went straight to Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes. I read everything in the library by Arthur Conan Doyle including his short stories. I couldn't afford new books so I went to a trade in book store and found Agatha Christie. I read every one that I found. Now I have included all mysteries except those with ghosts and it is one of my favorite genres.

You said in your review that the writer includes the starkness of the landscape of South Dakota. That got me really interested. Most of my family grew up in Indiana and my grandmother actually homesteaded in South Dakota. She got along fine with the Indians, sold them pies but she had to haul water in a wagon and may have found it rough going.

My great grandmother wrote a letter to her son telling him that she would give him a farm if they would only come back. They came back immediately.

Carol Triebel

Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown. Love mysteries to this day!

christmas songs lyrics

Sounds like a great product. It would probably be a great gift for grandma at Christmas time

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