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March 17, 2011


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as long as Words with Friends doesn't interrupt your posting here. This keeps me going!

Reluctant Blogger

I did a week of online Scrabble a week or so back and it was fun but you know me, a week was enough and I was bored of it then. Maybe I will take a look at Words but may not be able to play you as you are US and I am UK and our spellings are different.
I got crabby the other day funnily enough when I was waiting for my son to come out of gardening club as one of the other mothers was sat in her car for about 15 mins with the engine running. She also parks in prohibited area - perhaps she doesn't think it is counted as parking if the engine is still running?


I'd love to play a game with you, but I don't have an itouch, or a Droid, or a smartphone, or any other fancy gadget of that nature!
I've been in a bad mood lately, myself, but that is understandable considering the amount of stress in my life lately. How is the job search going? I know it isn't fun. I'm looking now, too. Hang in there, Jenn!


Watering sidewalks has always bothered me. It's one pet peeve that keeps my husband & I together, since we share it.

I'm lucky to have texting capabilities on my phone. *sigh*

Busy Bee Suz

I laughed at each one of your complaints!!!
I am so addicted to Words with Friends...and I blame it all on YOU!!!! I have about 6 games going right now. IT is fun. Oh, but I am losing 5 of those...I really do need to expand my vocabulary!!!!
Signed, your three letter word friend.

Slow Panic

I play Scrabble on FB and my iPhone. Love it!! Usually get my butt kicked.

green girl in wisconsin

I can get SO addicted to games like spider solitaire and mah jong. It's shameful.


downloading it now, will send you an invite :-)

I was in a bad mood yesterday, but Dave cheered me up and this morning made me laugh WICKED hard at 430 AM! The words diamond, dime and balls strung together in a sentence are apparently very funny that early in the morning.


I don't have those devices and just as well! I share many of your pet peeves and I can't believe someone in line at Costco telling you to get off the phone! Wow. That would get my blood pressure up, too.


Maybe that lady was a good samaritan trying to get you not to blow yourself up with static electricity sparks at the gas pump. (My Mom always freaks if she figures out I'm talking to her while pumping gas). Gotta love those urban legend warnings.

mom taxi julie

Sending you a game, I love to play that :)


I hate the sidewalk sprinkler thing. It annoys me. I'm always tempted to move the sprinkler, but I haven't had the guts yet.


Hmmm. I'm going to go and have a look. I LOVE word games. Actually I need a new fix, Frontierville is becoming a problem. Sigh.


Amen to all of your complaints. As for me, this time of year I am grumbling about the people who go straight from heating their home to turning on the AC. It's only 83 degrees and there's a wonderful breeze blowing - AC is not needed. I know allergies really bother people so I try not to hold my grudge for too long.

The game sounds fascinating. No phone apps for this woman who is technologically behind the times. I'm just now texting for the first time and think it's the cat's meow. Sad, huh?


Thank you for rationalizing my Words with Friends habit for me! And now that you've been playing for a couple of weeks, I think I've lost whatever edge I had.

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