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March 03, 2011


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coffee yogurt

I believe you're the mother of adaptability. Here's wishing your dreams do come true, afterall.

Meg B.

Due to growing up in negativity, I am still fighting for positive beliefs.

I am coming to believe that there are far more choices in life than occupation, food choices, what shirt to wear, etc. We can choose to be a victim of our misfortunes or we can choose to learn from them and make things work. We really can choose to be positive or negative, in whatever circumstances.

It is unfortunate that your dream of teaching may not work out, both for you and potential students. I wish you the best and hope that that dream may still be realized. It sure is funny how life can work out.

Thank you for the uplifting post. Both you and MN Matron brought some light to me.

unmitigated me

When a door closes, a window opens! I also believe that things happen for a reason, so there must be something just waiting for you to happen along, Jen...


I was just reading Half-Broke Horses; and a nun told the young protagonist, "When God closes a door, he opens a window somewhere; it's up to you to find it."

I agree with the other 2, also - we must be twins separated at birth.

gary rith

Best wishes to you, that is for sure :)


I think that one of the reasons so many people are still unemployed - they refuse to consider anything other than exactly what they were doing before. Sometimes you have to be willing to go in a completely different direction, and it might end up being even better than what you expected. I hope it all works out for you guys!

Busy Bee Suz

I agree with all those sayings; love them.
I have always tried to be very positive even in the face of LOSING dreams. We have recently gone through this and once I wrapped my brain around it, I was fine.
The good thing is, better things have come along. Hence my happy dance today. I HOPE better things come along for your family; you certainly deserve all the best.
ps. The invaluable lessons you are teaching your kids in the wake of this is astounding.

Smalltown Mom

I believe in the golden rule. What goes around comes around. And always be open to change.

green girl in wisconsin

Somehow I think you're going to land in a spot that will even amaze YOU.

Life As I Know It

I believe I want your good attitude and outlook on life


Smalltown Mom said it:Your'e an inspiration to those of us 'feeble of faith' or however it is stated in the Good Book.
I will link to this post later on today, tomorrow or on Sunday - because it dovetails in so many ways with where I'm at right now.


It is hard to let go of a dream. I find it hard to understand how you, with your incredible passion and dedication to teaching, can't find what you seek. But maybe it will come, in a different guise. You've got the right attitude. Bless you.


Adaptability and positive constructive thinking are two important traits that will help anyone overcome negative circumstances. You posses both and are a great example of how to handle the not so hot stuff that comes along. My Gram always said" There will always be people doing better and far worse than you. What is important is what you do with what you are handed that will determine how well your life unfolds". She was so right and I have always tried to remember that through some very trying times. I think you know this too and although the future may be murky right now, you are open to the possibilities. Everything will unfold in due time, the waiting to see it clearly is the hard part!


I'm thinking you've been a teacher your whole life and I can't imagine you won't be in the sense that you are talking about...In the meantime, I can't wait to read about what you discover in the interim. Best to you.


I believe that sometimes our plans don't work out the way we thought that they were going to, but that doesn't mean that things can't work out wonderfully. I think what amazes me is that you are able to see and feel this so clearly now, just a little bit after the shock. I hope that both you and your husband like the opportunities -- whatever they are -- that present themselves to you next!


a long time ago, when things were not going quite the way i wanted them to, my aunt told me something that i use more often than not: what you're doing right now, is what you are supposed to be doing.

I was also reminded the other day that "God doesn't give us problems we cannot solve...we may have to work a little harder to find the solutions, but, we will."

just keep the positive thoughts, Jenn...it WILL all work out....of this, i'm sure.

Susie @ A Slice of my Life

I believe that you are going to end up doing something wonderful. You have the spirit, determination and work ethic to find a new dream. My little "saying" has always been, "Things always work out for the best...even though it may not seem like it at the time"

Your family is going to get through this unexpected turn in the road and you will be loving whatever it is you end up doing.

Hugs to you!


That door/window thing isn't always easy to see when you are inside the room. Good for you for thinking beyond what you can see!

JCK (Motherscribe)

I believe in you. And that there is something special out there for you. The best thing you are doing is being open to the possibilities!

Baby Favorite

I believe that things always work out for the best. You are an amazing person with an amazing family, and I know the right thing(s) will fall into place for you.

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