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March 03, 2011


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Agreed, it is VERY frustrating and frightening to see just how hell bent this "faction" of right wing terrorists are to completely gut the middle class and bury alive the lower economic groups that make up a good portion of this country's work force. They can bang their drum about jobs, jobs , jobs BUT one individual working 3 part time jobs w/no benefits in order to barely survive does not constitute gainfully employed. Basic human needs must be met, exceeded or we are on the fast track to disaster that will rapidly decline into a third world economy and society. Think I'm kidding? Drive through any inner city, the third world is rapidly spreading with no end in sight. Why would anyone in their right mind want to allow the party that ran this country into the ground the LAST two presidential terms to control ANYTHING? It was the arrogant Republicans who left this horrific state of affairs for the current administration. What is even MORE frustrating is why they themselves don't hang their heads in shame and get out of the way for the change we so desperately need. Sign me up for the bleeding heart liberal club too because the other is just too heartless and selfish to fathom.

gary rith

It comes down to greed, doesn't it? For some, its 'I got mine, the heck with you'. It is also short sighted--if you don't help support families and indivdiduals with their jobs, education and health care, crime etc goes up. Life is crappy. Its cheaper in the long run to build a better society.

green girl in wisconsin

Amen! I am OUTRAGED by our state right now--our newly elected Republican governor is doing all he can do demean the poor, infirm, elderly, environment, working class, middle class, women and children. He's threatening layoffs if he doesn't get his way--yet no one seems to do the math and see his plans will result in MORE layoffs than what's he's threatening us with.
I'm leaning more Democratic than ever before these days because that's where I find the moral high ground in Wisconsin.


@Green girl in wisconsin: know that thousands across the United States stand in solidarity with those who are standing up to your Governor.

@Jenn, I agree with everything you said!

Busy Bee Suz

So much frustration right now....I wish there was an easy answer for it all. {well, some of it DOES have an easy answer!}
LOVE your last line!!!


It just keeps coming back to all the lies told by the Republicans and the Tea Partiers which are not challenged or corrected by the mainstream media.When challeged by other media they are branded as commies and socialists and demonized by the Right.

Until people make an effort to learn and understand the truth about what is going on in the country, the demonization of the working class, the tearing down of families and civil rights will continue and It is not going to end well.

If the media would do their job and not be so concerned with ratings and name calling maybe it would help people wake up and hear something beyond Faux News. But when the networks don't even bother to speak a simple truth, like the fact that public employee pensions are NOT PAID WITH TAXPAYER MONEY, then we are all lost.

PS - hope you get the job!


I agree with every statement.

And - good luck with the job hunting!


Time to back away from the news for a bit, Jenn. It's not healthy!


Very well said, Jenn. Have you seen any of Jon Stewart's or Stephen Colbert's responses to charge that greedy teachers are the ones bankrupting our countries? Maybe their awesome satire will bring some laughs that can temper the irritation that us liberals are currently feeling.

P.S. Good luck with the job search - fingers crossed for you.


I should proofread. " ... to *the* charge." And, um, I should have either picked "counties" or "country." But not combined 'em.


Honestly, I avoid the news usually, because I either get a.depressed or b. enraged.
Good luck with job hunting! You'll find something. How are you feeling cold wise today?


Is there a "like" button? "LIKE"


WWJD, while rather cliche' and overused, is extremely useful to me these days as I examine my own feelings and motives. As you so eloquently pointed out, I'm thinking some folks ought to go back and read the Gospel (which simply means Good News) because Jesus spent quite a bit of time condemning the hypocrisy of the religious leaders.


Amen, Sister!

@those who suggested avoiding the news: It may be depressing/enraging to watch, but burying our heads in the sand won't solve anything. Maybe we should have been paying a little more attention all along. We didn't get to this state of affairs overnight.

JCK (Motherscribe)

Love this post, Jenn! I agree whole-heartedly! We wonder why we are falling behind other countries in education and in so many ways, yet we refuse to invest in education. We keep cutting...

And, yes, poor Jesus is maligned and misinterpreted everywhere these days. The Prince of Peace...

Baby Favorite



Hi Jenn! Catching up after my laptop was in for repairs. Thought you might enjoy this (if you hadn't already seen it):



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