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April 04, 2011


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Jen- I would have been marching today no matter what because I too believe everything you have stated so well. I also don't understand the knee jerk reaction to anything "socialized", perhaps the opponents should look up the word before objecting. Why we don't see healthcare as a basic human right afforded us as citizens defies logic. I watched my parents struggle through years of spotty if any insurance coverage due to my Mom's diagnosis of breast cancer at age 34 (they tried to tell us it was a pre- existing condition). I am mad as hell when attached to my husband's paycheck is a note that says WE will be contributing now an ADDITIONAL 120. per paycheck (which brings the monthly total TAKEN OUT OF HIS CHECK (solely for healthcare) to 1, 210.19. This is money we "CONTRIBUTE" to be covered by healthcare and dental. When he first started with this company 12 years ago the split was employer 80%, employee 20%. We have now reached the tipping point and we PAY MORE than the employer contributes. And WHY would I not want a standardized system where everyone receives the same services/fees and the care is consistant across the board. Healthcare and decent working wages are only two of the reasons we should ALL lend our voices and bodies to the labor movement today. Because tomorrow our kids may be working 7 day weeks for straight time on minimum wage if we let the "haves" have their way.

green girl in wisconsin

Amen, sister.
It's outrageous--GE paid NO corporate income tax this last year while collecting billions in government subsidies and the Supreme Court ruled that corporations have protected free speech--yet the people paying for this, actual humans paying taxes and earning barely-living wages vote to continue this status quo because they get blindsided by gun rights and abortion rights. WAKE UP AMERICA!


It always makes me cringe when people equate universal health care to Socialism. France has universal health care and they're a DEMOCRACY. So is Canada, Australia, England and all the other countries that already have it.

What are history teachers actually teaching?

I believe Americans are so uneducated (and I'm half American)that they don't bother to research anything that doesn't concern their pocketbook. Sure they can research the problem and find the answers and then they blindly vote for their guy anyway. I've said it before, vote the platform, not the party.

Life As I Know It

No - I don't think we are heading in the right direction at all. There is so much wrong it's hard to know where to start; and there is so much opposition to getting anything done.

Thank goodness for Jon Stewart. I love him almost as much as I love Bruce Springsteen. And that's a lot.


Amen indeed! I think the America my daughter is growing up into could be a very scary place to live.

I keep hoping that the behavior of the GOP over the last few months will convince more liberals to vote Democratic. And I agree with Suzy above --I vote for the platform. I know that there are bad individual politicians on both sides, but I am a bleeding-heart liberal, and I support the Democratic platform.


Do you think that people understand that Universal Healthcare is not free? As I understand it (and correct me if I'm wrong), we will pay either way...either through our corporate programs if things stay the same or through taxes if Universal Healthcare takes hold. Universal Healthcare is not free. The benefit to universal care is that everyone will have it and won't be able to be denied. That alone is beyond exceptional.

I just get so frustrated when I hear people suggest that it won't cost anything. Please enlighten me if I've misunderstood anything.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Of course we will pay for it through taxes. But we spend a much larger percentage of our GDP on health care than other nations that have Universal Healthcare--that is bad for our economy. Plus, our outcome (life expectancy) is much worse than that of those other countries. We (American society) are paying more for less.

I think that removing healthcare from the corporate world will mean that employers will be able to hire more people because the healthcare expense wont be part of the equation. It would remove this issue from the union benefits discussion. People would have more flexibility in the type of work they choose to do. 

For those that worry about a decline in the quality of healthcare I say that rich people will still be able to purchase supplementary plans that keep them having other options--which is what rich people in other countries have.

And everybody will have access to healthcare--doesnt that seem like a human rights issue?

But yes--everything costs something. I cant believe anyone thinks that anything is free!


Good for you, Jenn! I am glad you are speaking out!


File me under: mad as hell!

I bet it's no surprise that our politics seem to line up. I know that some people may have things going on that are just dominating their thoughts, but I don't understand why *more* people aren't *more* outraged by where things appear to be heading.


Thanks, Jenn - I needed a laugh. I must have missed that one.

Aunt Snow (g)

Thanks, Jenn. I too am disturbed by this trend - the right wing is waging war on working people, middle-class people, regular wage workers.

I simply don't understand it - how can it possibly benefit them, in the long run? The only reason Henry Ford became a success was because he paid his workers enough to be able to buy the products they made. If the middle class is gutted; if our standard of living is eroded, how does the oligarchy think it can survive in a consumer economy?

The other thing that disturbs me is that the Republican elected officials seem to have abandoned even the fiction that they are interested in public service, and in serving all their constituents. What we seen in Wisconsin, Maine, and Michigan reveal clearly that they are simply out to serve those who buy them.


Thanks for the VF link- that looks like an interesting read. And yes, I'm mad as hell.

JCK (Motherscribe)

You speak so eloquently here. I wish more people with voices like you could be heard.

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