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April 13, 2011


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I will be watching this space with bated breath, waiting to hear a rational explanation. Because I sure haven't been able to figure it out; it sounds like an opportunistic money-grab to me.

I love President Obama, love what he has to say, and I keep hoping for the big reveal, too. But...Sigh. I am beginning to fear that he's just another politician after all.


i have no faith in this president. he talks a lot, but i don't see things actually happening for the better.


I'm a democrat who didn't vote for Obama. I was shocked that our country elected a man with so little experience. Because he was black? Because he wasn't a Bush? Because the idea of a female candidate is still anathema to much of this country?

Whatever the reasons, I think the US got the President they deserved. He will not be reelected.

I would, however, vote for Michelle. That woman does not back down from anything.


I've given up on the big reveal we've all been waiting for. It's been a very frustrating couple of years while waiting for Obama to do his thing. *sigh*

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I was hoping you might have an answer!


We have to remember there is Congress to deal with. They're the ones who actually pass the laws. The President can only do so much if the people with the power to pass the laws and allocate the funds aren't behind you. It seems like Congress, and politicians in general, just want to blame the "other" side. It's a lot easier than trying to work together toward a compromise.

I'm glad Jenn asked the question about tax breaks for the uber-rich. I don't understand the thinking behind that either. Would love to have it explained, really.


I actually think he will be re-elected, unless the other party pulls someone I've never even heard of out of their ass. Who's going to beat him? Michelle Bachmann? Mitt Romney? Newt Gingrich? *shudder, shudder and shudder*

I too, would like an explanation of how tax cuts for billionaires is going to help...anything. There was even a group started called Patriotic Millionaires, or something, and they're all, "Tax us!" http://patrioticmillionaires.org/
Me, I'm just happy to have a job right now. I'm hoping the same for my husband in the very near future.


"if we can just cut taxes on millionaire and billionaires even MORE that will solve our budget crisis and revive our economy" - I heard this morning it's because those types of folks will invest more of their money and hire more folks and that'll stimulate the economy.

Then I saw pigs fly by my window.


Arli makes the most salient point - we don't have a dictatorship so looking to one President to be some kind of savior was the wrong thing all along. Congress & the Senate put up road block after road block and yes, in order to get things passed it meant Obama had to bargain. ANY President would have been in the same situation.

And no, I've never yet heard or been shown EVIDENCE that tax cuts work to stimulate ANY economy. As a lifetime Republican until 1999, I really did try to wrap my brain around it, but my real life accounting career & personal experience showed me the opposite.

As for a bit of proof that Obama might be smarter than the media and GOP (and bitter Hillary supporters) make him out to be - the deal made on Friday includes very little in true cuts to existing spending. It's mostly accounting smoke & mirrors and eliminations of old ear marks for already retired (some are even deceased!) congress folks. Now that the details have come out, there will be quite a few GOP who will vote against it today because it didn't cut enough or real programs - just watch :-)


Janet, I'm sure I saw those Pigs fly also. Didn't President Buch give tax cuts to the rich..........but I haven't seen any increase in jobs because of it. They have probably taken those tax cuts and invested it in themselves.....How do you think most of them got that rich? They either inherited it or were greedy, self centered, egotistical SOB’s without and compassion, carrying or integrity.

CNN has a great article today about big corporations on paying their fair share in taxes.


My hubby a federal employee and I live right outside of DC. I can't even explain how disruptive this had been to our world.


I agree with Christina that any president has to bargain --and he's bargaining with people who are much more interested in short-term re-election than in the long-term health of their country (true, I think, for both D & R).

I am still a big Obama-supporter, but I have never really understood why anyone would want to be president when it's so hard to do the things you want to do.

I have been really depressed listening to the conservatives explain why it's okay to remove the nations safety net for the poor, and maintain an environment where corporations pay no taxes. I really wonder what kind of America my daughter is going to be living in.

green girl in wisconsin

I keep waiting for the big reveal, too. Grrrr.


Ok - I'm going to take a tiny little stab at this & I am very fearful to do so because I don't want to be attacked. I'm just going to state another end of things.

My husband and I fall into the 2% of wealthy people nationwide. Way more of our money goes to taxes than I care to admit.

The thing - and I think this is the part that alot of democrats miss - is that we worked really, really hard to get where we are. Between us, we have 3 degrees that we paid every cent for. No financial aid, no parent help. We live in Los Angeles. It is insanely expensive here and the money we bring home doesn't go so far here. We want to be able to provide a good life for our children. This is something that we are not sure that we can accomplish despite our income.

In order to make this money, my husband works 80 hours per week and travels constantly. There is a HUGE burden that plays out on the family. If he is willing to make those sacrifices, I have to ask...didn't he earn that money to do with it what he will?

I TOTALLY get the arguments for a shrinking middle class, healthcare of all, rising debt in this country. I believe in taking care of those around you and it elevating everyone up. I AGREE with every last point.

Here's the part that I get stuck on...I don't know that the government can effectively solve and manage those problems. Healthcare is a hot mess right now. Medicare is a hot mess. They keep saying that Social Security is going to run out of money.

I am NOT advocating a political leader. My husband voted for Obama. I think most of the Republican leaders are a total hot mess right now.

I'm just saying that I'm not seeing that the current leadership (Democrat and Republican) can get their acts together to solve some of our issues. So, for our family, you have higher taxes and more uncertainty. Would you have healthcare for all? Right now, I don't know. Doesn't seem like they can stop fighting.

Go easy on me people. I'm a gentle soul. I just want to make a couple of points.


I'm writing this as a second comment only to distinguish it as a separate statement.

I really do believe in the promise of America. I believe that everyone has an equal opportunity in this country. Education is available to everyone. I believe that we can all make what we want of ourselves in this country. That to me, is the American dream. While I have little faith in our government and their complete inability to work together, I do believe in the people.

So, if we all have the ability to make what we want of ourselves, why tax the rich? Don't we all have the same opportunities?

I know that we all have issues in our lives that hold us back. My husband and I do too. He is a Cuban immigrant that has an Ivy League degree. He didn't inherit anything. His family snuck out of Cuba with no knowledge of the English language.

I really do believe in the American Dream and that we all have the same opportunities.

I've always heard it said that Democrats fly around on unicorns! I'm sure that this statement means that I'm flying around on a unicorn too!

gary rith

Whoa, a democrat up there, who did not vote for Obama and is ready for Michelle Bachman? Pardon me for saying that I have never heard of that particular combo before.
Obama has been skating straight down the middle of the road. I wish he was on the left but he is not. He is doing what he can to placate the right and middle to be re-elected in 2012. I am hopeful that if that lucky event happens, then he will go as left as can be. BUT, it is also true that he sure as heck has done a lot of good in 3 years, averting a depression, trying to dig us out of the mess W left, and getting us healthcare. Pretty f##king good start.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I think she met Michelle Obama!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Or, alternatively, she MEANT Michelle Obama.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Thanks for chiming in! This is my take on your situation. Yes, you do pay a lot in  taxes. So do my husband and I. However we both pay a much lower percentage of our income in taxes than we would have 40 years-- and lower tax rates have not improved our countrys overall economic position.

I think what your husband has accomplished is wonderful. Studies show that the circumstances under which a person comes to this country have a great influence on their ability to bootstrap themselves. His family was likely (and I may be wrong) fairly well-educated and literate in their native country--that makes a tremendous difference. Im not saying this to negate his accomplishments, but all this has an impact.

By contrast, certain segments of our population that experienced multi-generational, institutionalized discrimination may need a little more of a leg up to find the bootstrap. 

In my work as a substitute teacher I can unequivocally say that my children have  had far greater opportunities just by virtue of the state of their neighborhood school than other kids in San Diego have. I do not doubt this at all. Parents are supposed to do the best for their kids, but I do believe government has an obligation to provide an opportunity for ALL kids.

I would actually be okay with a cut-off of $500,000 a year for the top-tax rate, I agree that in certain parts of the country $250,000 is not as much as it appears to be. 

Also, and I consider this to be vitally important to my position, your children and mine need to live in this country--what makes this a better country for the poor and the middle-class makes it a better country for them as well. One has only to look at the stratified countries of Latin America to see how that doesnt work at all. Yes, the rich get to keep their money, but they also have to worry constantly about being kidnapped.

If you look at the countries that are little more *gasp* socialized than we are, people are happier and more content. There is less income disparity, but everybodys basic needs are met. 

Anyway, I hope you feel like your viewpoint is being respected with this answer--the world needs all the civil dialogue it can get!



I still believe that President Obama INHERITED one "hot mess" from W and that it will not be resolved in one term (it took 8 years of W to get so F@#$%ed up to begin with). I agree with Gary that he has made a start but also agree that unfortunately bipartisan negotiating has diluted any real impact in a progressive way. I am hopeful that the next election will restore the balance of power so that positive changes can occur and we are no longer faced with the singular agenda of the GOP to stop progress in it's tracks. Do I think that anyone who makes 500,000. and up ought to pay substantial taxes? You bet. As my Gram used to say "To those much is given,much is also expected". That did not mean lavish lifestyles while others suffer.
On the other hand I also think we should hold corporations feet to the fire if they do not pay their fare share. GE would be a perfect example and they are one of thousands of tax reprobates. There should be tax breaks for jobs created here in the US, and extra taxes for jobs that are exported. Then how many companies would outsource? I also think if we took insurance companies completely out of the healthcare equation and established one standard of care/cost, we would save TRILLIONS. NEWS FLASH: Insurance companies exist to make money, NOT keep or make us well.
And to anyone who thinks that education is equal and available to all? Well how come when I got accepted to Cornell and Harvard, there wasn't enough in scholarships and loans to cover the tuition bill so I had to choose a decent school I could afford? Am I bitter? NO, education is still a class based merit system. I see the higher education cuts proposed affecting only one group: the have nots. You can't tell me W would have gone to Yale had his Daddy been a plumber. Well there you have MY opinion and then some...


The adage that the "rich" will invest their wealth in businesses which create jobs is an old and outdated one - yet one which the Republicans repeat and for some reason people believe. There is no one out there who shines the light of truth and accuracy on anything anymore - so we are bound to keep repeating our mistakes and acting in ignorance.

Aunt Snow (g)

What is often overlooked is that the Republican legislators harbor such animosity towards President Obama that they actually oppose solutions that they once supported - that they even ORIGINATED - simply because they oppose him. Look at the health reform legislation. Half of the ideas in that bill came from Republicans, yet because it would have credited President Obama, they opposed those ideas when it was time to vote.

I am perplexed and troubled about Mr. Obama's inability to deal with the Republican opposition, but the level of dishonesty and mendacity and hypocrisy of the opposition is unprecedented. Any decent man would find himself stumped.

Even so, you look at what he has accomplished and you'll find he has been more effective than the media will admit. Another one of his shortcomings - he's not good at trumpeting his own accomplishments.

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