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May 03, 2011


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He's a good kid for texting you and letting you off the worry hook.


I am SOOOO using a punctuation test on my kids when I worry about their level of mind-alteredness. Hmmm, yes, inserting apostrophes into plural nouns should be a good "breathalizer."

Happy birthday to one of your several loves!

Manic Mommy

LOVE Jocelyn's comment about apostrophes into plural nouns. Grammar police Unite!

Loved the exchange with "Mountain Man" Happy 21st birthday to him and you!

Two down, two to go.


A good kid usually has good friends, and it is my opinion that its the friends that determine if and when the kid is in trouble. So congrats on your son having the good sense to a)enjoy moderate overindulgence, and b) have friends that you both can trust!


Happy 21st Birthday to MVP!! It's great that he kept you posted through the evening. My son would be the same, my daughter? Probably not.

Busy Bee Suz

I laughed at the texts....such a funny young man.
Happy birthday!!!

Smalltown Mom

I love his wit! Takes after mom much? Of course he's going to have good sense.

Happy 21!


LOL that really made me smile :-)


I hope I have as good of a relationship with Dylan when he is 21! And, that he isn't the type to overindulge either.


My twins wanted to be together for their 21st so we paid for my son to fly to Philadelphia to spend it with his sister. I knew they would watch out for each other as they always have...Happy Milestone Birthday to your Mtn. Man!


LOL, texting punctuation as a test -- I think you have nothing to worry about. :)

I'd never heard of a 21-shot club. I hope I never hear of it again! Yikes!!

Jen on the Edge

The punctuation test is brilliant.

I just realized that I was celebrating my 21st birthday on the day you were in labor. Of course, the way I celebrated it was not in the typical way: I spent the entire day studying for what would end up being the most difficult exam I ever took in college. Finally, at about 9 that night, my roommate and Pete dragged me out for one drink and then I came home and studied for many more hours.

Happy 21st to Mountain Man.


I too loved that his punctuation was an acceptable barometer of reasonable indulgence!

green girl in wisconsin

Ah, that first text cracked me up! Many happy returns to your MAN!


New to texting and new to being a mom of a driving teen, I am verrrry grateful to live in the era of cell phones and texting. Happy 21st Birthday to your mountain man :)

mom taxi julie

ACK not ready for this one yet! I do like his Facebook status though lol. We all HOPE they aren't drinking...

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