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July 20, 2011


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That is so beyond stupid it makes my head hurt. Yes, he will have to do it, but really? Ugh! I will shut up now and not analyze this to death. I hope he has a great experience.


All you Need to Know about Government Bureaucracy:
** Pythagorean theorem:....................24 words.
** Lord's prayer:..........66 words.
** Archimedes' Principle:..................67 words.
** 10 Commandments:......179 words.
** Gettysburg address:...................286 words.
** Declaration of Independence :...........1,300 words.
** US Constitution with all 27 Amendments:..............7,818 words.
** US Government regulations on the sale of cabbage:...............26,911 words.

green girl in wisconsin

Bwahahaha--that's about right, isn't it?
It's astonishing how little common sense applies to government procedures.


*Head hits desk*
I have a bunch of stories but honestly? Your experience right here eats my story for lunch and spits out the bones.

The closest I have was when I was claiming 'Job Seeker's Allowance', or trying to, and then I got a job. I called the benefits office to tell them I'd got a job and would start on x date, in around 6 weeks' time. I didn't want to make the trip to their benefits office every two weeks to tell them I was 'job seeking' when I clearly wasn't, but could they pay my National Insurance anyway since I would nonetheless remain jobless for the next six weeks and I had a piece of paper certifying that?

No, of course they can't. We went around in circles with me saying 'But you would be asking me to certify I am job seeking. I am not. I found a job, it just doesn't start for a few weeks. I would be lying to you' and them saying 'to get your benefit you have to come in and sign on as a 'job seeker''. Eventually I said 'so what you're saying is that it's to my advantage to lie to you rather than have me tell the truth and be treated fairly as a person who found a job but despite that will still have no income for several weeks so needs those NI contributions paid?' Answer: 'yes, it is better for you to lie to us.'


Manic Mommy

Now you see why Obama had all the problems. The lines in Honolulu were ridiculous!


I would just like to congratulate you, and DB on keeping your cool. Love Lisa's comment!


Oops! It takes FOREVER to get a passport, unless you pay extra to hurry it up. And if the government shuts down? Oh, dear!


FYI - my 12yo just got an expedited passport with a 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch card version of her birth certificate (as well as "short form" versions of mine & hubby's). SO - might have been the postal worker's decision more than anything else. (OH - and we got the passport back in 10 days or something amazingly fast like that!)

This way, you can both hate the bureaucracy AND think that the government and life has something against you personally ;)


I am sure every post office has a different interpretation of the rules. I had to get a new form of birth certificate for my youngest because the hospital had changed forms between the time our older kids were born and when she was born 4 years later. They took the older kids certificates but wouldn't take hers.


I got one: I had been telling my husband for years that the Social Security Administration had his birthday wrong. He did nothing. Skip ahead to last summer. he misplaces his driver's license. goes to DMV for a new one. oops, the birthdate he gives them does not match his "official government birthdate" in their files. So off to SSA to get it changed. They won't let him in the building because he has no photo ID. Luckily he knew the guy at the door, let him in. They can't make a change to his file without photo ID. He pulls out state issued security and concealed carry licenses, nope, has to be federal or DMV issued ID. He ended up having to get a full copy of his medical records and hand deliver them to SSA office in order for them to believe he is who he is. Got his "official birthdate" corrected. Back to DMV to get new license.

Two days later I find his original license in a pants pocket.

Busy Bee Suz

Scary. It is amazing that any work gets done in government! Oh wait.....never mind.....


I didn't even know there was a long form birth certificate.

I have to change my address with the DMV. Who spells my name SOTO and not SORO. When I pointed this out to them they said they needed to see some official documentation where it was spelled SORO.

I pointed out that the stupid clerk who typed it up in the first place hit the T instead of the R, which is right next to it.


Well, this is a corporation rather than the government, but I'm trying to get an espresso maker serviced which is under warranty. I've now sent the receipt (as an email attachment) in .doc, .docx, .rtf, and .pdf formats. They keep telling me they can't access them; I'm still waiting to hear about the .pdf format. I'm sorry, but are these people really that computer-illiterate?!! Or are they just hoping they won't have to honor the warranty?

Grrr indeed!


Do you not need a passport to cross into Mexico or is San Diego further from the Mexican border than I thought?

Or is Canada more alluring to DB than Mexico? Better skiing?

Thanks for the heads up on this. We've been meaning to get the kids passports for a while now. I think I need to check which form of birth certificate they need and which ones we have.

My MIL's birth name is Sarah which is on her birth certificate. She hates it and has always gone by Sally. When she renewed her passport last summer they would not issue the new one with Sally. She went around and around in circles with them. She has had a passport and driver's license with Sally for 50+ years. I think she finally got around it by going to a smaller post office. They didn't seem to be as perplexed by the Sarah/Sally thing.


i read this...and smiled...only because i live in the country where this kind of stuff is done every freakin' day!
here, for example, when you pay for things like visa stamps or anything in the gov't offices, you cannot pay directly to the office. (why? no clue...i asked one time and NO ONE can answer that!!) so....you get a paper, from the office that says how much you have to pay....you take that paper down the stairs (or wherever!) to the little shop that every office has and you buy a special stamp for exactly that amount. then...you put the stamp on the paper, take said paper BACK to the original office and hand them the paper to get whatever it is you went for. ridiculus.

oh. by the way. my passport expired in may (i just realized this!)...does this mean i'm here illegally? ;-D and, fyi...i can re-apply for my passport on the internet. that just doesn't make sense.....

gary rith

The passport will make it easier to fly I bet. Children of a friend of mine went to Niagara University. The drinking age across the river in Canada is, I believe, 19. There is a lot of student traffic back and forth on weekends....


Oh, lordy lordy.


Recently I needed to get both my driver's license and my car registration renewed. I went to the one office in the entire county that could do both in one place. I had to wait in line twice and write separate checks, both made out to DOL, although I was in the same (large, but still) room the entire time.

I need to renew my passport, too. Ugh.


Indiana: a state issued ID card is not sufficient identification to apply for a driving permit, even though the documentation provided to obtain the ID card is EXACTLY THE SAME as the documentation required to obtain a driving permit. 3 trips to the BMV to get the effing driving permit because a PO Box doesn't show proof of residency. The only two "official" documents I possess that have our physical address on them is the property taxes and the house insurance. My son has NOTHING that proves his state of residence (except that silly little STATE ISSUED ID CARD). I had to prove that I am a legal resident of the state with those two documents along with MY birth certificate, MY drivers' license and my son's birth certificate and sign a documenting stating that I wasn't lying about all this in order for him to get an effing PERMIT. Yet we can renew our licenses online now.....


I changed my last name (after a divorce, but after the fact) a few years ago. I don't know if they messed up in my case or it's really not required, but never, as part of the process, did they ask for I.D. Apparently anybody can just go in to the courthouse and change anybody's name.

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