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July 10, 2011


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Busy Bee Suz

Absolutely! She had faults (from reading past posts) But she made the fairest and BEST decision for GUG!
I sure wish Casey Anthony had done the same thing.


I always wonder about this when you hear of a loving family and a murder. Why don't they just leave the child or wife or whomever to the people who love them? Why murder? I think you are right that it is narcissism in those cases - they are unable to deal with being left or looking bad or not having what "belongs" to them, etc.

You are all so lucky your sister did the right thing by her daughter.


I'm probably in the minority, but I'm not convinced that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter. Given what we have seen of her as a mother, I'm inclined to think that the partying afterward was her way of trying to deal with whatever did happen to Caylee. She obviously comes from a really dysfunctional family, and I could easily see the defense's story being the correct one. There simply wasn't any proof either way. This is an interesting article: http://wsws.org/articles/2011/jul2011/anth-j08.shtml

Manic Mommy

When these stories came around, my heart always broke for my friend, Angie who was kind, smart, successful, happily married, and unable to have a child. Her life since adopting from China five years ago is almost perfect. Your children come from your heart, if not always your body.

God bless your sister's moment of clarity.


There was so much rehashing of this case on Twitter and as one person pointed out, children are murdered every day, and not all of them are white. We do, as a nation, tend to ignore the deaths of minority children.


One of the gals I was very close to this year decided to give her second child up for adoption, and she was met with nothing but insults and torment from her friends (it was suggested that she was heartless for being able to live without the baby). I'm glad for you and for GuG that your sister recognized that she couldn't be a good mother and made that unpopular decision. I also pray that this gal stuck to her guns and gave the baby up, since she knew that she could barely take care of herself and her son.

P.S. Can you tell I am a fan of text to self connections? : )


I honestly didn't know that GUG wasn't your biological daughter. The way you speak of her, no one would ever know. I love that. : )

Kudos to your sister, but moreover, kudos to you (and your DH) for opening your hearts and home to her child.


What an astonishing and heart warming revelation. Caring,nurturing and love come from intent, not strictly biology. Can you hear me giving you and MrFixIT a standing ovation? Love is a POWERFUL thing and how brave for your sister to go against the "norm" to put GUg's needs ahead of her ego. WOW is an understatement!


My mom's mother recognized that she could not care for my mom but instead of keeping and resenting her she gave her up to a wonderful couple who gave my mom a great life. I'm thankful because they were the best grandparents ever. Good for your sister recognizing she wasn't able to be a good mom. Good for you and Mr. Fit It for providing a loving, nurturing home for GuG who has because a successful young woman.

phd in yogurtry

Yes, a blessing in disguise for GUG. Society doesn't much blink when it comes to men who let go of their children but they act as if a woman who does it is the devil incarnate. As a mom of three kids, I often wonder why there aren't more parents who give up their kids. It's hard work 24/7, 365 days per year. Surely we understand not everyone is cut out for this job.


Well *that* explains why you have a child G.U.G.'s age. I thought you'd had your first baby while still in college. I'm so glad that things worked out well for your family.

green girl in wisconsin

You know, I wish my sister would make the same choice. Her selfishness in this matter KILLS me. Parenting isn't a right just because you have a baby.


Suzy - and I would also argue we as a nation ignore the children murdered by their dads. Seems we blink and move on when it's a man who murders his entire family. But let it be a mother? Holy camera in the courtroom!


Having devil of a time with Internet letting me leave comments--but know I'm catching up on recent weeks even though I'm not leaving comments on every post.

Your family is a thing of beauty, and your sister is to be credited for her part in that.

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