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July 05, 2011


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Looks interesting. I'm not sure it would work for me long term, but I'd be interested in trying it to see. Especially since it includes Aldi, my basic grocery.

green girl in wisconsin

Oh, if there's a chore I HATE, it's making dinner. Were I wealthy, I'd gladly clean my own house but hire out the cooking duties. Ugh. I'll be curious to hear how this works for you!

Tonya Lynn

Hmmm - I know of some other people that use the site - They have a larger family (6 kids) and they love it but it'd be interesting to see if it would work for someone who is single like me.


The quicker I can get in and get out the better! Anything that makes the chore of cooking dinner easier is a good idea as far as I'm concerned.

Aunt Snow

For some reason I can't access your post, so I will have to comment on your description of it - I too get frustrated having to be the one to think up a meal, whether it's take out or from scratch.

It's not so much the cooking I resent, it's the process of thinking it up.

When it's my husband's turn to be in charge of the meal, it always ends up something like pizza.

I'll check out the site.


I guess I fall somewhere in the middle. I have several easy, quick recipes that don't take long to make. And then I have what I call "weekend" recipes that take more time.

I've realized that while I don't mind having basically the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day, I do want some variety when it comes to dinner. I also like to cook and like to try out new recipes. However, I think my family would be just as happy with a "if it's Tuesday it must be tacos" kind of schedule. But I think I would get bored.


This sounds like an interesting idea, but don't enter me in the contest. Our meal plans are too complicated with my diet and work schedule!! I have to admit the WalMart recommendations are a problem for me, too.


I prefer quick & easy. That is if I'm forced to actually cook. And I'm beyond tired of coming up with menu ideas. Sign me up!

Busy Bee Suz

I can go either way...depending on my mood. I really just love it when someone ELSE does the cooking for me. :)


I would enjoy cooking a lot more if others in the household shared the load. I do meal planning (theoretically), shopping & cooking. It gets tiresome!


Add clean-up to that list too!!!

phd in yogurtry

Weekdays - get 'er done. Weekends is for taking a bit more time - eggplant lasagna is a weekend only meal, for example. I'm not typically up for meal planning suggestions. I'm more about utilizing leftovers and starting with "what's in my veggie bin that's starting to wilt?"


Once my mom was bent over the stove, pulling something out of the oven. She had 2 jobs (so did my Dad) and she looked beat.

She caught me looking at her and said, "Don't ever marry someone where you have to do this every night."

So, A. Never married B. I'M STILL EXHAUSTED FROM TRYING TO DECIDE WHAT TO EAT FOR DINNER. C. I need a very wealthy man.


Lately meal planning has not been very fun at my house! I can only eat foods with very minimal fat so that leaves a lot of stuff out, at least until after I get my gall bladder removed.

Generally though I like to plan ahead at least a day or two. When I shop for the week I have an idea of what we will be having through out the week, otherwise all we eat for dinner is cereal or popcorn.

mom taxi julie

I'm all up for (free) meal planning :)

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