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July 12, 2011


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How many times do I have to say it? You need to run for office.


Totally agree, Jenn. I waver between rage and despair when I read/hear/think about politics. Gah.

green girl in wisconsin

I have a fierce urge to drive to Washington and start bitch-slapping people.


Sadly, Jenn, you're NOT wrong. Boehner is from my state and he embarrasses me on a daily basis.


The Republicans seem pretty confident that if they eff around, they will be able to blame any bad outcomes on the Dems because that's the party in the White House right now. And then they will be able to get control of both the White House and Congress in 2012.

What they don't realize is that unless they get a super majority, the Dems are just going to pull the same BS on them.

And around and around and around we go. Do people become asses when they go into to politics or do politics somehow attract asses?


I agree that it has gotten worse and worse in both rhetoric and action/inaction. Screwing the country seems to be the credo of the Republican party these days.


I would like to post an intelligent remark, but I just found it amusing that you called Diane Sawyer's blouse "hideous", and found her blouse "disconcerting"! That totally cracked me up, because I do that ALL THE TIME, and it amuses Jim to no end. "WTH is she wearing?!", I'll scream. Not that I have any fashion sense, but I do know when something is hideous. :)


Unfortunately you are not wrong. It is a bad case of Obama-hate, it's the only explanation I can come up with for why they would keep the country in this financial crisis!

The news is depressing enough without having to see a hideous yellow blouse on Diane Sawyer!

She Curmudgeon

Part of the reason I gave up TV was because of the fact we were too poor to afford cable, and it was the only way we could get reception. Now, though, it's because of the way the news is portrayed, the "rhetoric" of our politicians, and just ... what you said. I can't watch. I can only read the papers, sign petitions, write to my congressmen, vote, pray and hope. Hearing it aloud is too much to bear. Even Rachel Maddow.


Being on vacation, we haven't been paying any attention to the news. My mom just emailed me pretty much the same thing your post said, and is equally depressed. I think I'm going to continue ignoring the news when we get home!


Include me in the group that finds this whole situation so depressing/infuriating that I am limiting my exposure to it.

Once again, Jon Stewart's coverage is pretty much all I can stomach (and even that can be fodder for nightmares).

Aunt Snow

Yes, depressing, frustrating, and sad.

The Republicans have as much as admitted that they are willing to let the country fail in order to defeat President Obama.


They have nothing to hang on but other-party-hate. They have no ideas, no solutions, just more of the same old saw "no new taxes" which is code for "wealth begets wealth." And they're just as big tax and spenders when you consider the Defense Budget is open ended and full of waste. Millions perhaps billions in waste. Defense contractors profiteering outrageously on the backs of our military service personnel.


I can't get over the AUDACITY of Republicans to think they should ever show their faces again.THEY are the reason we are in this mess. Why does everyone seem to forget that it was with THEIR bozo of choice at the helm (Bush) that we ran way off the tracks and far,far into the weeds (for lack of a better analogy). Republicans wake up! You had your turn for 8 years and screwed it up royally. Get the f*ck out of the way and let this country move FORWARD. Trust me, we don't need "to return" to anything except some sanity, progress without the current Republican mentality which is truly hateful and destructive. Sorry Jenn this just gets me sooooo angry!!!

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