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September 19, 2011


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Aunt Snow

Ever since Barack Obama campaigned on the idea of raising taxes on people above a certain income level, we knew it would affect us.

And we still voted for him. And we still support him.

Aunt Snow

A side note, Jenn - there's nothing wrong with Republicans being partisan - that's what politics are all about. But being so partisan that you disavow your own party's solutions to problems, just because they're presented by the other party....and refusing to do what's good for the country to prevent the other party form getting credit....and deliberately holding the economic health of the nation hostage just to damage the other party's president....those things are wrong, absolutely and one hundred percent wrong.

gary rith

It seems the repubs, for years, have been fighting democrats just to be mean and spiteful, and in the last couple of years, doing everything they can to screw up life for the 99 percent of Americans who are NOT wealthy white evangelical Christians in the hopes that it makes Obama look bad. I want to see Obama fight too, but for awhile its been him on the playground, the nerdy student type, with all the bullies surrounding him....

mrs. g.

"I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat."

I got a good laugh at this line. The idea of the GOP pointing fingers at others perpetrating class warfare is a joke. Who invented the mythical "trickle down" theory?


It's nothing short of disgusting.


I am with you 100%.

Little Miss Sunshine State

I remember my grandparents talking about this back in the 1960's. My grandfather said Republicans become old and rich and democrats become old and poor. He also said that the Reepublicans would perpetuate any war they could,in order to become richer, on the backs of poor people.

I agree that this latest batch of Republicans will do anything to keep the rich rich and the poor poor.

I listen to what they say about the President and remember that when anyone said something negative about Reagan or the Bushes, it was considered "unpatriotic". Now those kind of remarks seem to be okay with them.


Joining this choir. I don't understand what they think is going to happen to theirlives if they continue to destroy the country. Do they think their money and influence will protect them forever?




I agree 100%. I was listening to the Tea Party tear down Perry for allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition in Texas. I don't understand how you can hate a group of people so much that you'll do anything to make sure they don't succeed. Wouldn't it be better for our country to have educated illegal immigrants, who then won't have to turn to crime, living in our communities? I don't agree with GOP proposals, but it's the mentality of the Tea Party that really scares me.


Second the amen! I have been middle class "comfortable" (not having everything I would like, but having everything I need with a little left over for a rainy day). I am watching my family slide backwards into scary territory these days as we are juggling, robbing Peter to pay Paul just to make the basics in life. Drive old cars, no credit card debt (but massive medical debt...) and we may be salmon swimming upstream the rest of our lives if Republicans have their way. Being spiteful and destructive seems to be what this party is about these days. If left to their policies and practices, we are headed for ultimate dismantling of the middle class. There will be the haves and have nots and there won't be a chance in hell of recovering.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Aunt Snow just took many words from my brain/fingertips, and Renee, I agree with you!
I am not a member of any organized political party; partisan "warfare" in Congress is a waste of my time & tax dollars. It's not just the Republicans who fight the Democrats to be mean and nasty -- it goes both ways. I want to see effective medical insurance reform, and I would willingly pay more taxes *IF* it meant that EVERYONE was taxed fairly. Unfortunately, the poor don't have lobbyists pulling strings and the rich do (because, hello, they pay for it)! Must. Have. Reform.

Okay, off my soapbox and lowering my blood pressure.

green girl in wisconsin

How the tea party appeals to actual working class people is anyone's guess. Amen, honey. BRING IT ON.


My fist is raised in solidarity!

Busy Bee Suz

That quote is a hoot!!!

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