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October 26, 2011


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mrs. g.

I am so happy to hear this. I suspected and hoped this day would come. Happy kayaking.


You are admiringly gracious, Jenn. I know that you've been hurt and puzzled, yet you've extended such generosity to new friends and OMomK. Blessings.


As I think I told you, my best friend and I were estranged for 5 years, because I ended it. Of course when the shit hit the fan this past March, I knew I had to have him back. We are now back together but he wanted to rehash what happened. I knew no good could come of that so I told him to let it go. Whatever we had to learn in the time apart I assumed we both had learned.

Time apart is almost as necessary as time together. We are different people today. But just as tight as before.

You give me more credit than I deserve. You can say as much as you want but if the other person doesn't hear you, it's lost.

You listened. So the credit goes to you.


wise advice....not so sure i could follow it, myself, i tend to have higher expectations than what i should in situations like that.
good for you, though...i know how hard that whole situation was...the fact that you are talking is a good thing.
no expectations.
i gotta remember that.


Sometimes it's impossible to tell how such situations (friendships that morph into estrangement) are going to go, but I like that you both wanted to be a part of each other's lives again. And the idea that it won't be the same, but it can still good = a great one to remember.


Wow! Was it awkward? Did you get any answers? I want to hear more about this! I recently tried to reconnect with my former best friend, and it didn't go so well.

Life As I Know It

That must have been tough to do - to go into it without an agenda or expectations. Friendships are funny and odd and confusing as they all change and/or end and sometimes we don't even know what happened.

Glad you reconnected and it worked out wonderfully !

Aunt Snow

Good for both of you. I'm glad you did this.

Busy Bee Suz

This is wonderful news!!!!!!


This makes me smile. Hugs.


I am impressed :) And, you are a better person that I am!

green girl in wisconsin

I am glad the hatchet is underground. What a relief it must be.


It was the right thing to do! So glad!

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I'm so glad!


Good luck and congratulations on being able to ditch your agenda. Grab all the good you can!

Little Miss Sunshine State

I hope things work out for you to be friends again. It might not be the way it used to be, but it might be good anyway.


I'm happy for you. It's hard to lose a friend.

Jen on the Edge

This is such nice news. I'm so glad you two reconnected.


Hugs! I've had similar things happen. It isn't ever the same, but it can still be really good.


Man's greatest blunder has been in trying to make peace with the skies instead of making peace with his neighbors.

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I hope we could have the same chance with my "x-best friend" to reconnect our friendship again. It's been half a year since we got this misunderstanding and until now I still see no chance of winning her back. Buzzing her facebook and her inbox daily is not enough. She did not even bother to face me when I visit her in their house once. So sad.

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