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October 09, 2011


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I would expect nothing less of you than to be at that protest and be the one to get captured on the news. (p.s you looked GORGEOUS on camera btw)

I've droned on about it before but I'll say it again, you need to go into politics. You were born to it, you're great at it and you're FAIR.

I wanted to go to the LA one but A. No one would come with me and B. Parking and C. Did I mention parking?

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

"You know it's bad when middle-aged white women march." Funny and yet also sadly true.

I'll have to catch the video later. I'm on my short hour of internet time.

Funny, the times I've watched Fox "news" in the past few years, I thought it was an opinion show made to look like "The View."

gary rith

Go JENN! I was kinda thinking that instead of targeting Wall St, protests should get a little more specific, like target Small Mart (whose owners are disgusting right wing fascists), C00rs, ditto, K0ch Bros industries, and the street outside of W's house.

Busy Bee Suz

YOU ROCK!!!! I am so proud to know you. YOU always stand up for what you believe. And you are pretty on camera too. :) (bonus!!)


I'm looking forward to more posts on this. I haven't quite been able to figure out what exactly this movement/protest hopes to accomplish.


Yay for you! I've been following the story and wishing the movement to just grow, and grow and grow. I fervently hope it forces the government to sit up and pay attention. There are plans to occupy the London Stock Exchange next week I believe, and I am seriously considering going, even though the police in London will be on major crack-down because of the recent riots.


I have been following this too and decided if there is a march near us I am going to participate.

99% of the population can't be anything but diverse - if more people would realize that and the power behind it - there could be some real change. Even if Fox and other news outlets don't "get it."


You were so articulate on camera! Great job!

This movement reminds me of the marches in Madison this past year --also truly representative of all walks of life.




Go Jenn! [fist raised in solidarity, but not in a menacing fashion]

mrs. g.

You are an amazing citizen, Jenn!

human hair clip in extensions

I support you.


Ok. Coming back to amend my earlier comment. When I posted before I had only looked at the Occupy Wall Street web page. Maybe I need to dig deeper and watch some of the videos on it but I couldn't find a succinct description of what the protest hoped to accomplish. It just seemed to be a lot of people proclaiming that they were "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore". Which is completely understandable but then what?

I just watched the second link to Alan Grayson on Real Time with Bill Maher. And now I understand the protest better. I have to admit that I don't watch much news on tv, so it wasn't that I had bad information from them. I just didn't have a particular good source. So thank you. Even when I wasn't exactly sure what the protest was trying to accomplish, there was a lot that I thought was good about it. And maybe the point is to say "hey we count, too." That there is a huge group of people that are finding their voice.

As the union bashing (especially teacher unions) started happening in Wisconsin and even in my state of Michigan, I could not believe how the conversation was changed so quickly. I had several conversations with people where I reminded them that it was not the teachers nor their union that caused the housing/credit crisis.

I found it interesting that Grayson brought up government services and the numbers of people using them. I'm sure my state isn't the only one who is panicking at the increases in the numbers of people applying for food stamps, welfare, medicaid, etc. Which of course wouldn't be happening if the economy weren't so crappy.

And now I'll be paying more attention to Occupy Wall Street and see where it goes.


You go! My son has mentioned the marches but you gave a face to all this that I can understand and symphatize with -more so than any newcast I've seen on the Net.


Wow! You're famous now. Way to go!

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