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November 30, 2011


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I think this season brings out these issues with couples - my mom's email group has had a very similar topic of discussion this week! I am having these issues with both my son's and boyfriend all the time. They also do not use any scheduling system (that I can detect anyway). What gets me is how SURE they are that they remembered it right - until I show them the calendar on my phone. Then they get all annoyed when I double check. Lordy!

And yeah - you already know my biggest problem. 1.83 GPA boy.

gary rith

I am pretty careful about my calendar, indeed. But I am always uptight about time, probably useful when you work for yourself. PROBLEM? Flipping ice, snow, etc: winter. My poor wife just stepped out the door going to the bus and fell hard on icy steps outside our house, which I did myself in the same spot 2 weeks ago---gosh, only a few more months of that sh!t until spring.....

green girl in wisconsin

Hm. That would make me nuts, so I'm glad Mr. D is a good calendar-keeper.
Problem-wise, there's a new SALAD BAR at the school cafeteria which is a major PIA and I hate it. I hate it enough to consider quitting my volunteer gig there. It's inconvenient, the kids take forever, it's messy and all kinds of extra work.

Smalltown Me

I'm always peeved by bad drivers, but even more so now that I have a teen with a permit who is trying to drive safely. It's tough when he is the only car in the intersection obeying the rules of the road.


I have the SAME problem, but I think my husband is worse. I will get my parents to babysit, (this just happened yesterday), and my dad will say to Jim, "See you on Saturday!", and he looks at him confused. My parents keep asking me, "Don't you two ever talk?" I tell him these things... I do! Also, there is a big calendar on the refrigerator with our schedules. He has eyes! SO FRUSTRATING. I honestly don't know how he functions at work.

Little Miss Sunshine State

Our cat did some active dying in our dining room. We didn't notice the carpet odor during the summer when the A/C was on all the time. Now that the A/C is off it is HORRIBLE. We are going to have to replace the Dining room carpet before Christmas.


My biggest problem is me. I keep making silly mistakes at work - I need to start doinging a double check on everything I do so I can catch them.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I gave up using Google calendar because my husband never bothered to look at it. And then he installed coat hooks right next to the calendar so no one can see that clearly. But even if I use the white board for important upcoming dates/times, he still has to ASK.
I'm convinced that men are challenged in this arena.

Mama Hen Em

I have a child who will say to me, "Oh wow! That smells really good. I bet it tastes good." Or random statement - "I really like to watch movies." Instead of ASKING me for what she wants. Like, "I'm hungry. May I have some of what you are making?" or "Would you care if we watched a movie?" It is driving me crazy!!

Busy Bee Suz

LOL...that is hilarious,
It is 'mars vs venus' over and over and over....


This sounds like a slightly familiar refrain. : )

I am pathological about certain things, and I try to accept that J is "not one for the details" so I take care of lots of things that wouldn't occur to him (paying household bills in a timely fashion, renewing car registrations, etc.) There are times when I have to put my mouthguard in because he remains so blissfully unharried. The last one was me trying not to sound like a huge bitch when I reminded him that we needed to leave to get to a funeral service on time and he started to ask me which tie I thought he should wear. I tried to politely point out that any matching tie would do, but COULD WE PLEASE GET TO THE CAR RIGHT NOW SINCE I DON'T HAVE A TIME MACHINE TO TAKE US BACK THREE MINUTES!


I have conversations like that all the time. But what really makes me start to google "Ways to kill one's spouse" is when we have those conversations (and I mean the exact same conversation about a particular date or event) multiple times.

I have found I have about an 80% success rate if I email him important dates/info and HE puts it on HIS calendar. I have about a 20% success rate if I write it on the main calendar in the kitchen and mention the date/info to him. I have a .1% success rate if I just write it on the main calendar in the kitchen. I think it's because I'm the only one who thinks of the calendar in the kitchen as the "Main Calendar". That may be the fatal flaw in my plan.

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