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November 10, 2011


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gary rith

Me and the wife had a dear friend who was a young American of Japanese ancestry in a camp in the west, whose family lost their house and farm in California. In 1944 he was 18 and sick of the camp and was able to enlist in the army, and served with distinction in the final year of the war. People like that quietly proved the point that they were Americans, not spies or prisoners. (after the war he was still discriminated against by racists, he remained, however, a sweet natured and kindly man) The point of the camps, unlike the Nazis, was not enslave or kill people, but to get them out of circulation. America was not as bad as Germany for doing this, obviously, but it is still a horrible blot on the historical record. My own family's German ancestry resulted in their being watched by the FBI, but nobody took their homes and business and sent them to Arkansas. I am a very big fan of FDR...except for this decision.
Anyway, I am always amazed at how interesting English history is. It has a lot of twists and turns and is well documented and simply fascinating!

green girl in wisconsin

This looks good. A topic I've only read a few books about is the genocide that took place in the Congo at the turn of the 19th century. King Leopold's Ghost described it well, but only one novel ever came of those events, The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, which then spawned the better-known film, Apocalypse Now.

Vivienne Schiffer

Jenn, thank you so much for reading Camp Nine and for recommending it to your readers! It's so gratifying when you tell a story that people find interesting, especially one that is so personal, as this one is to me. The Japanese American community suffered so greatly during this time, and even after, as Gary notes in his comments. Thank you for supporting this story! Vivienne Schiffer

Vivienne Schiffer

Gary, thank you for being interested in Camp Nine - I hope you read it and that you enjoy it! I've met so many members of the Japanese American community, many who have come back to Arkansas to confront this history. They are the most wonderful people, like your friend you mentioned. Vivienne Schiffer

Vivienne Schiffer

Green Girl - thank you for your comments. I hope you get a chance to read Camp Nine. There is so much scholarship out there about the Japanese American incarceration experience, but not many novels (although there are some really good ones). The beauty of fiction, I think, is that it allows the reader to get really caught up in the personal details of history. I hope I accomplished that with Camp Nine. Vivienne Schiffer


I recently finished "When the Emperor Was Divine" which, like the book "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" tell the story through the point of view of the Asian Americans. I don't recall reading a story of the internment from the point of view of a white citizen. I disagree with the critics of The Help about the point of view being a problem - we all lived through these historical times and actions and each point of view has significance.


Thanks for the suggested reading. Though not a movement, per se, my reading tends toward the back stories of powerful or influential women be it socially, politically or artistically. I think it began when my senior English teacher encouraged me toward a final paper on suffragettes in America. I've been through the biographies of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire, the Mitford Sisters, Zelda Fitzgerald, and now I'm reading Marie Antoinette.


Jenn thanks for the suggestion. David Gutterson's Snow Falling on Cedars also deals with this subject but from a PNW vantage point. The actual narrator is caucasian but if I recall there are chapters that are strictly Asian storyline.
The movie is beautiful, haunting and sad. if you need a good cry.

Vivienne Schiffer

Susan, I haven't read that yet, but I've heard it's wonderful. And I agree with you about the Help - but it's why I intentionally wrote Camp Nine in first person. If I'd written it in third person, I would have been tempted to get inside the heads of all the characters, and I didn't feel like the Japanese American or the African American POV was mine to tell - so my narrator can only tell what she sees, hears and feels, much as I've listened to the stories of the people who did live that experience, on all three sides. I hope you get a chance to read it!
Vivienne Schiffer

Vivienne Schiffer

Emile, I come from a family of strong women! The whole idea for Camp Nine was inspired by my mother, Rosalie Santine Gould, who is an Italian American widow who became the mayor of small McGehee Arkansas, which is near the site of the incarceration camp at Rohwer. Despite community opposition, she began hosting people in the 1980s who were returning to Rohwer for the first time since they had been imprisoned there. She became much beloved in the Japanese American community and was honored with the Edison Uno Civil Rights Award from the Japanese American Citizens League for her efforts. I'm making a documentary about her now. Stay tuned for it! Vivienne Schiffer

Vivienne Schiffer

Bramble, Snow Falling On Cedars really is a fabulous book and movie and did so much to bring attention to this chapter in American history. Vivienne Schiffer


I can't stop reading about the Cambodian genocide, probably because so many people around me have been affected by it.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours

I'm glad that this book surpassed your expectations. It sounds like a great read!

Thanks for being a part of the tour. I'm featuring your review on TLC's Facebook page today.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

"There is always a place for a well-told story that resonates and educates."

Perfectly said, Jenn! I just came from visiting another blog where the author of the blog had a rejection letter from a publisher, despite being told in the same letter that she had written a "true, authentic story" that understood the way the characters "think and speak and behave."
That is what I want in a story: authentic characters to whom I can relate. I am interested in war era stories, especially as it relates to people who weren't in uniform but were affected all the same. The Book Thief was a fascinating read, and Camp Nine also sounds like one. While living in Virginia, I read several Civil War era books and appreciated the opportunity to see some of the places where the story was based.

Sharon K

I remember hearing the word 'camp' a lot when I was growing up. It wasn't until I was in high school that I found out my parents were referring to an internment camp in Rohwer, Arkansas & sometimes Jerome, Ark. Many people from this area of California were shipped there. When I checked a map to see where Arkansas was, my mouth dropped open - they sure wanted to make sure the Japanese & Japanese-Americans were away from the West Coast!

The one saving grace is that having gone through that experience, the US government may be less likely to do it again. Remember when such an idea was floated around during the AIDS epidemic? After the Sept. 11th tragedy? It's terrible what fear, hate, ignorance and economic gain can do in the 'right' circumstances.

I'm not asking for a copy of the book though, it's not the right time for me to read it. I will definitely look for it later at a better time.

Aunt Snow

Sounds like a good read - We have friends whose families were interned in California. LA's Japanese American National Museum has an amazing permanent exhibition about the camps.

How great Vivienne is commenting here!

Colleen Turner

This book sounds great! I always love reading more about The French Revolution...there are just so many ways to approach that topic that each book can be unique.


I love books like this. One of my fav subjects is books about the underground railroad and the struggle for freedom from slavery.

gwendolyn b.

Have you ever read TALLGRASS by Sandra Dallas? It's set in an internment camp in Colorado. I thought it was stunning and highly recommend it. I do like reading about the internment experience - I think it was such an awful thing to have occurred and I'm amazed that there was not a great backlash over the years. I'd love to read CAMP NINE - thanks for sharing your thoughts and your copy!

geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com


i'm very interested in this book...growing up, not so far from one of the smaller camps (in south eastern colorado), we didn't really know much about it. as a student teacher many years ago, i read short stories with my middle school students and with that, began an interest in things that were written.
have you read the book "obasan", by joy kogawa? joy is a canadian and has written about her and her family's experiences in canada and the nisei's experiences there. until just a few years ago, i had no idea that canada also had camps and after talking to a canadian friend (who is also friends with ms. kogawa), i learned that the canadian government did not treat their nisei quite as well after the war.....very interesting reading. i strongly suggest you get "obasan"....i am reading it with three ladies (one of which is a 'hibakushya'....atomic bomb survivor) and though it is difficult to read at times, we are oh so glad we chose this book.
i am now going to find 'tallgrass'....thank you gwendolyn for the title....

Buried In Print

I echo the praise above for Joy Kogawa's novel; it would make a great reading companion for Camp Nine.

And I agree with you, Jenn: the cover is stunning! The image of beauty almost overtakes and then you recognize that slim slice of cruelty. Lovely.

Please don't enter me in the draw, but whoever is lucky enough to win is definitely in for a great read!


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  • Danger Boy
    20 years old, plays water polo for Gannon University in Erie, PA. He's the strong, silent type. Studying PoliSci.
  • Grown-up Girl
    Dr. GrownUp Girl is happily home after finishing pharmacy school in Chicago. Busy building a post-student life with Dr. GrownUp Guy.
  • GrownUp Guy
    GrownUp Girl's husband and a most-excellent son-in-law. Oh yeah, he's Dr. GrownUp Guy, PharmD.
  • Mr. Fix-it
    Husband and father extraordinaire. He is gone more than he is home, but all his frequent-flyer miles keep this big family connected.
  • MVP
    23 years old, graduate of Colorado State Fort Collins with a major in Wildlife Biology and a minor in sustainability. He lives in FoCo with his girlfriend, Mandy, and their dog Rosy.
  • Social Butterfly
    18 years old, attends Northern Arizona University, majoring in psychology. She's my snuggle bug.

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