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December 02, 2011


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Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I had to click your links... holy crap! That's a 3-bedroom guest house! Amazing feat of architecture and determination to build it; more amazing is the amount of money you'd have to have to have built it in the first place and then keep it all in working order!

Sundress on clearance the next day? Awesome.


I won't begrudge people their toys, or odd shaped houses, but in doing so I reserve the right to call them stupid.

Stupid people . . .

gary rith

haha, the one percent! that is ONE FUGLY looking blight on the pretty landscape, that concrete piece of sh!t. Some people complain when new houses out on Long Island beaches are not designed in a modern way, but instead look like 1900s house--pretty shingles, porches, bay windows etc...but the fact is , they are PRETTY in the landscape.

Busy Bee Suz

The elevator looks really weird against the gorgeous cliff side. I can't imagine all the hoops they had to jump through ($$$$$) to get that permitted.
Speaking of elevators, I want one just to go from my garage to my attic....just to get out my Christmas decor!!!!! :)

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen

Money can't buy you good taste but apparently it can get you a zoning variance. Yikes. And ick.

green girl in wisconsin

That is the oddest looking house. I guess there's no accounting for people's taste, right?

suburbancorrespondent who is lousy at geography, among other things

Apparently, you are not being affected by the freak monster winds and the wildfires where you are...on the news, it looks as if all of California is ablaze.


I'm sure that inside the mushroom the view is spectacular. But that concrete wall around it (which I'm sure is necessary because of the tides, storms etc) is really ugly. They could have at least painted it.


I agree with Claudia above...
Holy Toledo, but that is just plain ugly!


Wow, well, I just learned something new about where I live - and that's just down the beach from here too - how have I never heard of it? Oh yeah, I've also somehow never been to Black's Beach yet! Now I want to go just to see this thing in person. What an unbelievable feat of engineering. And those bluffs! I thought they were ridiculously unstable?! At least they are up here on the north end. Wowza!

Manic Mommy

Riding that elevator would scare the hell out of me.

Cassi Renee

I hope they have cell service out there, for when the elevator stops working when they're all down on the beach :-)


That is wild! Seems a bit scary - the house and the elevator.
I probably would have talked to them, too. Sheer curiosity. I mean, when would you ever get another chance to meet them?

mom taxi julie


Deb D

I want to see the pictures of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (of which I have two). Who cares about mushroom houses lol?!

The Zadge

Why? Why? The freaky ET house and stupid elevator. NOT the sundress on sale which is an "OF COURSE'!

Aunt Snow

When we look across our canyon, there is a strange saucer-shaped house cresting one of the hills on the other side. We've driven along that ridge, and have seen the compound that house is part of, behind tall razor-wire fences. I've always been curious who it belongs to.

We've heard rumors from Arnold Schwarzeneggar to a famous child guru, but I still have no idea who it is.

Definitely a 1% er!

How nice you were able to actually see the inhabitants of yours.

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