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December 14, 2011


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Karen (formerly kcinnova)

It's the nature of the beast: things go wrong when the husband-repairguy is away.

If it makes you feel any better, we have to press the garage door opener multiple times to make it work, and sometimes I have to open the door and step out of the car to make it happen. Not too fun in 28 degree weather.


This sounds so familiar.

Our car is slowly falling apart and we simply can't justify a new one what with all the money we need for our house. One of the things that's playing up is the central locking: it locks and unlocks at random. I've had it lock up on me and been pulling at the car handle thinking WTF (it's an old system without those auto-unlock from the inside gadgets). Or come back from shopping to find it unlocked even though I know we locked it - we can leave nothing in our car lest it get nicked.

gary rith

jeez, yep, in our car its the front seatbelt---sometimes just easier for the wife to sit in back and be chauferred :)

Busy Bee Suz

You and your garage door...a love/hate affair???
I hope your day is great!!!


I think our technological devices are messing with us. We just showed David 2001:A Space Odyssey. Maybe you should watch it, just to reinforce your paranoia.

Green Girl In Wisconsin

I tell you, the more things are made "convenient" the more of a hassle they become.


I am lucky to have the newest car so no glitches with that, but the garage door? Ghosts in the machine there. sometimes it won't close. sometimes it closes and then reopens. I frequently have to pull the car out, walk back to hit the button and exit through the house.

Still better than all the years I had to park outside and deal with ice on the windshield all winter.

Smalltown Me

Our truck did not come with a self-locking gas cap. After we found that someone was siphoning out gas, my husband bought a gas cap with a key. My problem is that it is very picky as to how you insert the key to open it. I struggle with it every single time.

Cassi Renee

My previous car had a problem gas cap --when you pulled the lever, sometimes it popped open, sometimes you could hear the lock release, but it didn't open enough to slide your finger in and actually open it up.

Since my arm-span wasn't long enough to reach both the lever and gas cap, when it didn't work, I'd have to ask nearby strangers to pull the lever inside while I stuck my key into the space around the cap. That way, when the mechanism unlocked, my key would force it open. Unfortunately, there weren't always strangers available that I wanted to ask.

I sure don't miss that!


My garage door does not like cold. It works like a charm until the temps dip into the 50s. Then, it wont close on the first try at ALL. I usually have to hold the button down until it passes a certain point and then I know it will stay on track. SO ANNOYING!


Pretty interesting technology like all the post. Thanks for sharing it.I think our technological devices are messing with us.

Aunt Snow

I am working in an office with a couple of ladies who don't understand the principle behind the circuit breaker - they both have heaters plugged in, and they share the same electrical circuit. When told that their heaters are overloading the circuit, they both decided that plugging them into a surge protector strip will do the trick. Ladies, 20 amps is 20 amps.

As for me, on the low-end of car technology - a fricking rat has chewed a hole in the reservoir for my windshield fluid. I don't have time/can't be bothered/don't want to pay to take it to the dealer, so I've been filling it up only as far as the leak, which means about 2 cups.


I never need to lock my car - because the doors freeze shut in about 45 minutes if I use the interior heater... Ford never thought it was a good idea to have a strip of something above the doors on one of their models.
I need a newer car!


I'm mighty excited that for 2 whole weeks I don't need to get up at 5am! Woo hoo!!!!!


So without these "helpful" gadgets in your life, you'd have to sleep in, open your front door, and head out for a long walk?

I'm thinking technology is overrated.

Diploma of IT

Yes, in our car its the front seatbelt---sometimes just easier for the wife to sit in back and be chauferred :)

Electrician Indiana

One of the things that's playing up is the central locking: it locks and unlocks at random.


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