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December 04, 2011


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Little Miss Sunshine State

You're not crazy. Our 23 yr old is living with us. She usually gets out of work at 10pm and is home by 10:30.

Last night I was asleep when she came in. I woke up at 4am to go to the bathroom, spotted the 2nd door lock that hadn't been flipped and had a panic attack that she got into a car accident.
She was 4 feet away from me asleep in her bed.

SB knows you trust her. It's just a normal Mom thing to worry.


I think you were a worried parent -- but with good reason. As you said, it was out of character for neither girl to text back, and they were two seventeen year olds in a big, unfamiliar city. I'm so glad everything was all right.

P.S. As someone who worries like its her job (if only! I could be raking in the dough as I pace), I may not be the demographic you were hoping to hear from!


I'm not normally a worrier; but I definitely would have been hyperventilating by morning in this case.


No Xnanax for you, your reaction was completely normal.

That's something I would have done to my poor daughter 8 years ago when she was a senior. And I would still be hearing about it today.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Worried parent? Yes. Unreasonable? No.

My oldest is 20 and spent Thanksgiving week at his girlfriend's family home. I didn't hear from him for the entire week. I was pretty sure he was okay, and since she is from a tiny town with sketchy cell service, I didn't panic. I might still be peeved at him for not calling.

That sad thing is, teens and young adults don't think to call and say they made it back okay, everything is fine, etc. *sigh*

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

So did you sleep the day away?

unmitigated me

I'd have done the same thing, though probably not have gone so far as to call campus security (mostly because it wouldn't have occurred to me!)

Busy Bee Suz

You are NOT crazy!!! I would have flipped out too. Glad the outcome was good...but you'll never get those years back that you took away from yourself during this episode!!!

gary rith

I mean, for all you knew she had been kidnapped and shipped off to Shanghai or worse! Don't blame you :)


When we are used to them answering it IS worrying when they don't. I nearly called campus police a few weeks ago - won't go into the story, but now we have new rules in place and I do have some phone numbers that would have helped. I totally understand.


Not crazy at all! Kudos to you for thinking logically and getting an on-campus service to go find her. I honestly don't think I would have thought of that, especially not while panicking.

As a 20-something that ALWAYS texts back within minutes, I know I've worried people on the rare occasion where I've forgotten my phone at home and they don't get a response.


Speaking as a mom... you are just a concerned mother. Speaking as a former teenage girl... you're a crazy person. ; )

Jen on the Edge

You did what I would have done. I'm glad the girls are okay.


Lack of information is what lets thoughts spiral out of control; it's the unknown that gets us!


You did the right thing.

Deb D

I would have done the same - I don't worry as long as things go as I expect lol!


If SB's norm was NOT to return your texts, you might have acted a bit crazy. It was the out-of-character behavior that caused the worry, and rightly so. Glad it all worked out ok. Hope SB and Peanut had a great time.

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