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January 15, 2012


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the adjustment was tremendously hard, and it's still not made, despite the fact that my kids are now 19 and 14. maybe by the time they have kids I'll be used to the idea of having my own!
this book sounds like a fascinating read!


I threw myself in 110% and practically amputated any part of my previous life that didn't fit. Made for some rough moments between me and my husband and a painful "resurrection" nine years later when I wanted to return to my previous career. I don't think I'd do it differently though...I think new motherhood is such a radical change that total immersion is best, if you have the option.


It was difficult. I didn't realize until I had my first child how much I like routines and plans and being able to plan a few weeks out. My children have made me much more able to "go with the flow" and, quite frankly, be spontaneous. I think I'm finally to the point where I can enjoy the spontaneous and not get all pouty about it.


I would say somewhere in the middle. I was expecting to be more physically exhausted with a baby. Luckily my son slept through the night early on, so I was getting sleep. The problem that he screamed bloody murder all day (colic), so I was emotionally exhausted.

Cassi Renee

I love the title of the book, because that is how I describe my life: constant interruptions. And it's not an interruption from a high-powered career --it's just interruptions from a few hours of coherent thought. I am an older mother, and I often wonder if that has anything to do with how I reacted to becoming a mother. Maybe I was just too used to having my own way :-)

Green Girl In Wisconsin

Oh, I found it disconcerting. I had 3 demanding babies, not a calm, good sleeper in the bunch. And I had a husband who was more absent than most coupled with NO outside help from any other family. Having babies was the loneliest time of my life.

mom taxi julie

I got married at 19, mom at 20. I just jumped right in. I don't even remember much of not being a mom.


I have a 3 month old, my first child. I have no perspective at all on this issue. I know she's precious, but that's about it. I wonder how will I will reconcile my life once this short stasis of maternity leave is over.


With twins the first time out I was prepared for the worst, but it didn't happen. I was lucky and was able to handle all of it and a shower, too. Maybe being the oldest of 5 children trained me? I asked the pediatrician how long would I be able to carry on with 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night? He said nature provides, and he was right.

The interruptions? Persistant and sometimes irritating, but eventually twins entertain and keep each other company and so in a way, I had it easy!

It is also true that my husband made enough money for me to be an at home mom for many years and I didn't have a career that I missed.


Very, very difficult. Still. And the baby is 40. Yes, years, not months. I really was not mother material and have struggled the whole time. And it keeps getting more difficult.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I didn't find the transition to motherhood difficult, but I suppose that was because of the years of childcare that I provided prior to becoming a mother. I also worked in a newborn nursery when I was newly pregnant, helping to give babies their first baths, etc. Plus, my husband was a registered nurse!
The bigger transition for me was from 2 to 3 kids.
And now? The biggest and hardest transition at all is that my baby is 12 and no one really needs me anymore. (Apparently boys are like that?)

If I win, please give my copy to bkd.

Deb D

I was 29 when my oldest was born. The hardest thing for me was realizing that I was never alone - it might sound selfish but I was used to spending time All By Myself - I don't know how many years it was until that happened again. That and I kept having these reoccurring dreams that I took him to work and put him in the safe to keep him safe and that I forget him there and went home without him.


I found and continue to find that being a mom is emotionally the hardest thing I've ever done.


I was a new Mom at just 18 so had no choice but to adjust to it. On the good side I'm only 43 and our youngest will be graduating after next year (2013) and we will maybe have an empty nest and still young enough to enjoy it and the time to do things. Although my boys are the best things in my life, and I will miss the dinner conversations and laughter each night! So glad our grandbaby lives only a few blocks away!


I resented the demands of motherhood for a long time, even when it brought me great joy. And now, when my kids are finally old enough to tidy up after themselves and load and unload the dishwasher, I'm suddenly frantic to hold on to the seven or eight years I still have them in my house. Go figure.


I found it both easier and more difficult than I could have known. I always love a warm body on and near me, but the lack of sleep (more extreme than most) about killed me. Also, I hadn't known before having kids how much I need and treasure focus and time where my thoughts are allowed to dominate my own head.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours

I'm glad that you connected with the stories even though the mothers doing the writing were very different than you. Thanks for being a part of the tour!


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JCK (Motherscribe)

I had waited so...long,that I embraced motherhood fully and with little reservations. I was quite naive about the rigors, but there is nothing that I would ever change. Except heeding the advice about sleeping when your babies sleep...

I love collections like this!


I didn't have my son until I was much older. It wasn't an easy pregnancy and he had colic for months. My husband was never home and my friends were busy with their older kids. It took me 18 months of daily struggling till I found that I was suffering from post partum depression. After that it got easier. Now that he is 15 I am finally thinking of returning to work. Very scary.


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