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January 29, 2012


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This is awesome. You left me wanting to go back to college, just so it could be in the glorious Southwest. Also, I was completely inactive in college; what would it be like to rock climb and go to yoga instead of the bar? Hmmm.

gary rith

I have heard that is one of the prettiest places in the US! And really, kinda distant from the teabag nuts in the southern part of the state, maybe....


I'm still trying to figure out that "nine-hour, very easy drive" thing you said. What?


i think it's adorable that you suggested it over and over and one day she came up with it on her own!!


I loved visiting colleges with my kids - so inspiring and exciting. Hope she is happy with whatever choice she makes!


My junior year college roommate in D.C. was the daughter of one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Hardcore Republicans. We're still friends and she's still a hardcore Republican.

It's important to learn to get along with everyone and that's what opposite thinkers make you do. NOT argue. Discuss like civilized human beings. We did that more in college than as adults!

Little Miss Sunshine State

We always read that you shouldn't let a nice Rec center influence your college choice,but Sorority Girl was already impressed by UCF and the amazing facility was icing on the cake. She had been an active girl all her life and the Rec center was the perfect way for her to work off stress.

As a Mom in the health care field I also needed her to go to a school with a really good health care facility. It has been a lifesaver (and a money saver) or her to have had free medical care at an outstanding clinic for the past 5 years.

Cassi Renee

Um . . . how is 9 hours of driving anywhere easy?!

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Ah, but Arizona is also the state that produced Gabby Giffords. I find most colleges to have plenty of thinkers on both sides of the spectrum. That said, the west coast is called the left coast for a reason. ;)

Both of my college kids went sight-unseen to the university. I thought it terribly odd but they have been happy. And I'm happy that this year we are only 2 hours away. (I can't see 9 hours as an easy drive.) With luck, the next kid will let us take him to visit colleges next year.

We plan on driving through and staying in Flagstaff in a couple of months. Where would you recommend a family of 4 staying (or NOT staying)?

Busy Bee Suz

I love all things Arizona! I was hoping one of my girls would go into nursing. (lord knows it would be great to have a health professional in the family, and it is a great field!)
Glad your weekend was a success!!!!


Glad it was such a good trip, and that you all liked what you saw.

I have a soft spot for that part of Arizona. When my dad and I drove across country, we had so much fun there.

The Zadge

Jan Brewer is an embarrassment. Arizona needs more libs so glad your daughter will contribute!

Deborah J

Lovely, and a little uncanny.
My seventeen year old started her nursing studies yesterday.(Academic year is calendar year)
Here in Australia there is not so much focus on "going away" to college so she's staying at home with a 50 minute commute(train ride) to classes.She may move closer later.
Soooo finance was approved, student cards obtained, vaccinations updated and off she went...
She's doing a Diploma of Nursing which qualifies her as an enrolled nurse here, and then she upgrades to a Batchelor of Nursing which qualifies her as a Registered Nurse. (3 1/2 years total)
I'll be interested to see the differences and similarities.

Green Girl In Wisconsin

All of our family lives out of town, so my kids know how to hunker down and deal with a 5+ hour car ride.
I hate to be the car, though, for the daily stuff. Once in awhile a good road trip is fun. I think nine hours could be okay with the right driving partner and books on tape!

shrink on the couch

I hear that part of AZ is amazingly beautiful. I want to go there someday soon. As for the politics of AZ, just remember little ole liberal me in the heart of a giant red state. University towns are usually loaded with liberalism. Yay.

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