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January 04, 2012


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Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Regret? I have more candle paraphernalia than I can possibly use. It's not that I don't love each and every piece (I do!) but I don't have places for everything. My husband is pretty sure I have way too much antique brass and cast iron, so I've resorted to rotating my stock. If the economy ever improves, I'm selling PartyLite. I *LOVE* their candles!

Amazing deal I use every day: Pampered Chef's chopper. Well, now that my husband cooks most of the dinners, he's the one using it every day.

Like you, Jenn, I would have needed to wait until I could read it without interruption.


I avoid those parties like the plague but in the early '90s, I was invited to a Pampered Chef party by someone I couldn't refuse. The irony was that I was working at Crate and Barrel! Seriously, what else did I need? But, I did buy the pizza stone, which I loved until it broke last year. Not a bad deal!

I read Melissa's blog each day - or when she posts - and am thrilled for her!


I've never been to a home sales party. They don't do them around here? No one loves me?

gary rith

haha, I am still waiting to be invited to a women's adult toys party, wouldn't that be amusing????


I went to a Pampered Chef party of a close friend, and bought two things I didn't need and never use. Can't even remember what they were. But, that's just what friends do.
I would love to know the story behind her path to being published.

Jen on the Edge

I am SO proud of Melissa and her new book! Isn't great that we know such intelligent, talented people?

(Don't enter me in the giveaway. I already have the book, plus I'm doing a giveaway next week too.)


oh....of all the things i could put on a list of "things i miss about the States"....home parties would definitely be on the list. they don't really do that here, though, a few of my ladies did get all glassy-eyed when i mentioned Tupperware...maybe it was just the word Tupperware.
I went to a margarita and make-up party one time, many many moons ago. (probably two things that you really shouldn't mix together). Not sure exactly how the evening ended other than the fact that i came home with a bag of cosmetics that could be used by any high dollar hooker. (the pictures later that surfaced showed that we really did have a great time!!!)

i am a chick-lit lover from the get-go...for me, the ultimate escape is a good book, bubble bath and a glass of wine...behind a locked bathroom door. (^-^)

Little Miss Sunshine State

I'm down to my last few pieces of Tupperware that are at least 33 years old.I must have used my cake carrier 1000 times over the years. The last thing I bought was a set of kid's stencils when my kids were young. Now Sorority Girl is using them for teaching projects!

I know I have a Pampered Chef 4-slot mini-bread pan in storage somewhere. I have a few baking items from them that I use often.

Worst home party I ever got invited to was in 1985. Turned out to be a scam to get us to sell Amway. I'm still annoyed.

Green Girl In Wisconsin

Oh, Jenn! I am SO thrilled by this review!!! Thank you--and thank you for the giveaway, too!!!

(and for the record, I do love most of my pampered chef purchases.)

Rubye Jack

The last party of this type I was invited to was some women's adult stuff affair, which I couldn't handle the thought of and so didn't go. I did go to a Tupperware party many years back. Does that count?

Honestly, I just really want to read the book. :)


I've enjoyed Tupperware and Pampered Chef parties and still have a lot of the stuff. But who has time - OR MONEY - anymore for that.

Still, it's fun to go to.

Common Household Mom

I like Tupperware, but once at a home party I bought some teeny tiny containers that I never used. But right now, I regret that I have not yet read "Whipped, Not Beaten." I do not regret that I don't go to home parties any more.


Wow..where to begin with buyer's remorse?!? I've taken home more than a few shades of lipstick that looked "fabulous" at the party, only to discover I felt a bit Tammy Fay-ish later ;) I love Pampered Chef, but some of their products seem a little unnecessary and take up too much of my precious kitchen space.



I tend to give them away, just to make room for the stuff that keeps coming in.

Although I do constantly use the Tupperware I bought about 12 years ago.


Yay Green Girl! Like I commented on her blog, I went to a girl's birthday party as a teen all prepped to learn how to do makeup -- but the Mary Kay people lawfully were not allowed to make us up! So they gave us little sample packs and provided some mirrors. Never have a girl's hopes of learning from the best been so dashed!


I swore off home parties in the eighties after my Tupperware stash came tumbling out of my cupboard for the upteenth time. I stuck to my resolution for about ten years until a friend who had recently lost her husband invited me to a Home Interiors ( I think) party. I went to support her, eat cake and gossip. I was not going to buy, I swore I wasn't going to buy, I was positive I wasn't going to buy, just eat and talk. Well, I bought! I bought the cheapest thing I could, they make you feel so guilty, you know? Anyway, I bought these little yellow snack dishes, payed three times what they were worth, put them in my cupboard and figured I would sell them at a garage sale sometime. Well, yep, you guessed it, I use them all the time. They are perfect for snacks at the table when friends come to play cards. I'm glad I bought them, and amortized by the number of times I've used them, the price doesn't seem so high. Now, if I could just figure out how to keep my Tupperware from knocking me on the head periodically I'd be happy.


Okay, that's supposed to be ALBUG not ALBUM. Who would use Album as a screen name LOL? Darn auto-correct


Candle/green cleaning parties are big aroung here. I always get so excited about a product and then when I get it, I'm not that impressed!

Julie M

A jewelry, teenie martini party... I ended up with a silver chain that cost more then almost anything else I own.


I've been to a handful of home parties and so far have used the items I have purchased.

Many years ago, my sister had a friend who was selling Pampered Chef so that Christmas we all got Pampered Chef stuff. I really hope my sister got a discount from her friend. If not she spent way too much trying to help her friend. I never used the pans she gave to me. They were too heavy. Flash forward a few years and I found someone who wanted the pans. The friend was amazed that I didn't want any money for them, but they had been sitting in my basement for several years (still in their boxes). She was actually doing me a favor by taking them.


Love my few pampered chef and tupperware things, no regrets there. how about the best near-miss though? invited to a friend's place for dinner, with NO warning that it was a sales thing. pissed about that from the get-go, i really hate them in the first place and only ever go out of solidarity/guilt. it was for stackable/waterless cookware, and the one thing that ended up intriguing me was this crazy slicer/grater thing that was hand-cranked and had these cone-shaped adapters for the different cuts. somehow i loved it, but the just-shy-of-$200 price tag was about $180 over my "budget". fast forward to a year later, when i finally looked in that dusty box abandoned in the corner of the basement of the old house we rented, and found the exact same product, in perfect shape. i think it took me that long to get over being blindsided by the friend anyhow :).


Oh, sweet Mr. Rogers, but it was a a neighbor nightmare! The woman who rented our house last year when we took a year abroad then moved two doors down. While she's a delight, the fact that she sells Norwex cleaning products is not. I've now refused three home party invitations but got lassoed into one two months ago (Beloved Neighbor next door was holding it for Former Renter, and no one could attend the party, so she called me in a panic, and I hopped over to save the night). Anyhow, two hours later, my checkbook had tried to make everyone feel better...on a night I still refer to as "the time I had a $50 glass of wine." ONE GLASS OF WINE, and I only bought one product, and still the effing evening came to $50.

In other news, I now have a cloth in my kitchen that contains "micro silver" and which--so they tell me--leaves the place looking crisp and clean, in the fashion of The Norwegians (hence the "Nor" in "Norwex").


Wow. Now I'm thinking my comment made more sense in my head than it does in reality. Sorry!

The important part is this: I paid $50 and got a counter-wiping cloth. And a glass of wine.

Susan @ A Slice of my Life

I sold both Christmas Around the World (do they still do that?) and Pampered Chef. (not at the same time!) I think all the Xmas stuff is long gone, but I still use most of my Pampered Chef stuff. It's been nearly 20 years...that stuff lasts!

I'm impressed by your willpower in holding off until you could read the book all at once. I'm all about instant gratification. :)

Kim Kasch

Oh I LOVE this cover! It is so cute.

I went to an adult . . . girl's gadgets party. It was . . . ah. . . interesting

I've never been that in to small hand tools and I sure didn't want them to be into me ;)

Busy Bee Suz

How wonderful for her!! Congrats on the book Melissa!!!
Oh, do you remember when all the lingerie parties were the rage...in the late 80's? Oh, so much trashy stuff to be bought, worn and thrown away!!!


I love all my Pampered Chef stuff but I've got way too many pairs of cheap Premier Jewelry earrings. I always say I'm not going to buy anything & then feel too guilty.

And I LOVE to read!!


I never minded the Usborne children's book parties or Discovery Toy parties, probably because I could always rationalize spending money on my kids. The only thing worse than going to a home-party is hosting one...knowing that your friends didn't really want to come!

I got Melissa's book for Christmas - can't wait to start it!


Great review! You made me want to go buy the book. I've had great luck with all my home party purchases. I love all my Pampered Chef, especially the stone pieces. I'm a PartyLite addict and I've been a Creative Memories consultant for years!

JCK (Motherscribe)

How fun and exciting for Melissa! And, a great review by you to boot!

I got talked into selling water filters once...God, that was a mistake...


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