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January 26, 2012


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Deb D

Engineering Guy had the dizziness issues in his senior year of high school and into first year university. They weren't daily like SB's but enough to concern me. Our Dr. is similar to yours and after some testing determined it was dehydration and possibly low blood sugar - he has to make sure he eats snacks regularly and keeps hydrated. Hope SB's is as easy to control.

gary rith

Good luck, gosh. I have a dairy allergy myself and have for years---could be that she finds getting away from that will help. But man, I could NOT give up the hot sauce!

Jen on the Edge

Oh poor girl. I hope she feels better and is healed soon.

Busy Bee Suz

We love Cholula too!
She is something....I wish I had her love of exercise and good food! I hope she feels better soon. Glad she/you have a good Dr. to help out.

Lo was diagnosed as anemic recently...among her injured shoulder and newly strained hip flexor. We've had more Dr. visits than we ever wanted!

Cassi Renee

Bummer --I can sympathize with having to stay away from spicy. Although, I'd miss dairy more :-)

I hope the restrictions won't have to be forever.

Smalltown Me

Hope you don't have to search her room for secret sauce stashes! Seriously, I hope she feels better soon.

Green Girl In Wisconsin

Oh, poor girl!


Poor chicken. Hope she feels better soon.


It's amazing that kids start exercising so early in life. I have a friend who's 34 and started exercising when she was 13, because her stepmother did. Now all her knee and ankle joints are acting up and her hips are just starting to give her pain. Her doctor said she hadn't stopped growing when she started exercising and now she's paying for it and will likely incur worse in her FIFTIES!!

Oddly, she's also a hot sauce freak and a dedicated vegetarian. Like SB, she's very beautiful. (she's the hip hop abs girl on middle of the night TV commercials)



It sucks that sometimes the healthiest end up with medical issues - hope you find the right balance for her.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Were taking away everything tha MIGHT be the culprit and then the doctor will supervise adding things back in--hopefully it will turn out that the stomach lining was just irritated.
The doctor was great with letting her know that these are the eay things to do, so cooperate fully and avoid an endoscopy.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Bummer to have to give up what she loves -- and isn't it funny how habits die hard?
Pilates isn't exercise... good to know! ;)

Hope you all succeed quickly in figuring out what is causing the problem!


Fingers crossed that when it's clear what SB has, it will only take minor changes to fix it.


Hope she's feeling better in no time. Shaggy Haired Boy is out for his 2nd semester due to lingering issues from Mono/Epstein Barr. Oiy these children, how we love them but they are on their own planets!

mom taxi julie

I hope this fixes her up! Maybe she's not getting enough calories for all her exercising too.


Sorry she is going through that. Hopefully just a few minor changes will have her feeling better in no time.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

I think its because they are so used to playing sports from a young age. This is pretty much the first time in her life she hasnt been on a team. Shes thinking shell do intramural volleyball in college. In the meantime shes doing the treadmill and taking Pilates classes, plus swimming. 

Interestingly, I just read a study that said runners dont actually have worse joints as they age than non-runners. Who knows?


Wow. I'm impressed. Could she come eat for me? I promise to withhold the hot sauce. Hope she feels better and better.

shrink on the couch

Keep us posted on how the regimen is working. Is the doc trying to rule out a dairy (lactose) intolerance?


Okay, I hate soymilk, but I love almond milk. Especially the vanilla flavored one from Silk. If she wants something different, have her give that a shot. Really is yummy.

Alex Staff

Here's to hoping that she feels much better now. It's hard to give up on the hot sauce when one loves the heat and flavor. How's she hanging in that regard? Would she be still able to use hot sauce later on? Due to the potency of the chili, it's important to make sure that the body can digest the spiciness.

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