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February 27, 2012


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We have matching foreheads. I never knew.

mom taxi julie

I kind of like it :)

What you like is all that matters though! I know people probably hate how I do my hair but it works for me :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I have wash and wear hair, mostly because I don't feel like bothering with a time and multiple products. However, I am rather fond of Frizz-Eaze. It keeps the halo-look under control. My problem isn't a need for volume, it's a need to keep volume in check.


My life is mostly unbloggable.

My hair is always straight.



I use almost all the same products. We appear to have similar hair issues, but I keep mine really short.

Little Miss Sunshine State

Remember my foot long hair? I had 8 inches cut off. I absolutely can't replicate the cute blow-out that the stylist did and I'm starting to regret the cut.
You do a great job doing your own.

Green Girl In Wisconsin

I do like your hair both ways, actually, but there's more value in YOU loving it. And I have lately appreciated the power of a hairdryer. No fooling.


that's what my hair looks like if I don't do anything to it, too :-) Love that color on you!

Cassi Renee

I also use various products, and sometimes a body perm, in order to have some volume. It makes me feel better :-) Thank god for chemistry!


Love that you can get that "salon look" on your own! Mine looks pretty good with product and blow dry when I am finished but it flattens out within an hour or so. My hair has always been stubbornly flat - but shiny!

Busy Bee Suz

You are so cute...I love this!!!!
Yes, we spend $$ on our hair...but oh my goodness, could you imagine NOT being able to do what you want to feel good???
I had my highlights and cut today...I feel like a new woman!!!

BTW: I am getting more comfortable going out with NO makeup...but never without my hair-do!!!


I'm amazed by two things... one, that you use that many products! Two, that you get so much body from that many products! What shampoo and conditioner do you use? My hair is ridiculously thick - well, my hairdresser says I have a ton of hair, but each individual strand is fine?! All that to say there is no good solution for how to get it to do what I want. Glad you found what works for you.

The Zadge

You do fine hair much better than I do! I just got home from the hairdresser's two hours ago. I have TOTAL baby goose hair - it's the bane of my existence, but he gave me a killer cool cut and highlights today. It will look good for another hour until I go to bed, and then, tomorrow morning, I will be sporting the baby goose once again. Sigh.

Minnesota Matron

I'm sort of living the unblogable too right now. Not unspeakable, but too nuanced for this format. Sending you good vibes!


I don't do a thing with my hair, just shampoo and conditioner and a comb. No dryer, straightener, colors, curls, spray, or any products. And I don't wear one bit of makeup, just wash my face then apply a dab of sunscreen. I love the freedom! It's empowering to walk around the world with a naked face, you should try it!


Aww, you look pretty good either way.

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