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February 19, 2012


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Smalltown Me

My husband was down with the Man Cold since Wednesday. Saturday he felt better and we went to his mother's so he could adjust her new doggie door. We had a fantastic lunch out. Sunday, we hunkered down and I made some amazing lamb kabobs for dinner. Monday? He goes back to work. I plan to sleep late since I don't have to take younger son to school. He's off on a house building trip in Guatemala.

gary rith

how was my weekend? Holy cats, soooo busy :) Movies at the cinema both Friday and Sunday! Being Elmo was Sunday's, wicked good documentary.
I was just thinking about your husband's commute, how awful. Do you consider just moving there Jenn?


Gary -- I read the book "Being Elmo". Really want to see the documentary. It's a fascinating story and so inspiring. It's pretty cool that this guy found something he loved so early in his life and didn't let the nay-sayers stop him. Speaking of Muppets. I saw The Muppets on Friday. It was fun. Lot's of cameos.

Weekend was nice. Did some housework, took son swimming while hubs took daughter skiing. Today is wash the sheets day. And catch up on blogs. Oh, and I should probably exercise at some point too.

Busy Bee Suz

It's that comfortable rhythm that takes practice....and makes things as perfect as they can be. Your weekend sounds great...and who can stay up late anymore? not me.
For us, it was softball on Saturday, our home opener included a huge family/team pot luck lunch and lots of 'honey do' stuff on Sunday.
Today: washing the car, laundry and grocery shopping. FUN!


I worked for my BFF doing my other (fun) job, redesigning. It took me 4 days because he's so disorganized and has all the furniture IN THE WRONG PLACE. I don't understand how people can live with clutter but he doesn't seem to notice! His favorite refrain became "But I might NEED that" and I told him to start watching the show Hoarders. We shopped a lot and now his kitchen and living room and all hallways are done. I even got some of his art work up. I'm still not finished though!!

At one of our millions of meals out was at a great sushi resto for fried soft shell crabs. I could eat those every day.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Early movie and dinner afterward sounds terrific! Glad you are finding a rhythm with Mr. Fix-It's job schedule.
We are boring and just hang around on the weekends. But then, except for the kids' school schedule, we are pretty free during the week thanks to SuperDad's retirement. I might have to get a job next year to save my sanity.


Last minute plans? Story of my life! Hey guess what? They don't celebrate Presidents Day over here, go figure!


my weekend was fun filled, thanks for asking! Hung out up in VT with some friends and their offspring. Fun!


Slightly older side of middle aged? What?! What do you consider middle aged anyway? Yes, I'm happy to be in bed by 11, but I refuse to believe that makes me middle aged.


Kudos to you guys for not feeling resentful when you do get to be together. I've had so many students in recent years whose spouses are in the military (a situation only slightly analogous, I know), and when the military spouse returns home, they don't know how to readjust to each other. The home-stayer has gotten used to handling everything and finds the newly-returned to be annoying. So YAY for you.


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