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February 02, 2012


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Thank you. You put into words my thoughts. Mitt needs to walk a mile or two in someones worn out sandals. Maybe spend the day working in a sweat shop, get up early and do manual labor for 12 hours then work for another 4 hours at a part time job pumping gas. He needs to get his hands really dirt, lose a little blood, get a few blisters. I could go on and on. Sorry.

Deborah J

Yes, I'm lucky too. For most of my adult life I've had the benefit of being...well educated, married/dual income, a full time worker with benefits, health insurance and retirement accounts/superannuation.

Not to say we didn't have, especially in the early days, weeks that we struggled.
... and like many we had a business that went under. We always had other options though and got through it.

BUT I'm scared for my daughters even here in Australia. Jobs with no guarantee of longevity or benefits, and many people being hired as casual employees and barely making a living wage.

Anyone who doesn't get it should read Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich. It came out in 2001 and is a shocking example of why we have the working poor. Working poor!
...and of course since 2001 the situation has become much worse.


More important, he has never known the stress intrinsic to simultaneously working hard and still not being able to make ends meet. He has never been in a position of saying "no" to something his kids need because he doesn't have the money. He hasn't experienced panic over an unexpected $20 copay, $20 that comes straight out of the grocery money. He's never done the calculus involved in wondering whether to go into debt for braces for his kids, knowing all the while that people with expensive mouths have a definite leg up in the job market.

What's worse, he doesn't display any understanding that other people have experienced these things, even though they are working HARD.


To be fair, Obama isn't hurting financially, either. But he KNOWS how lucky he is, he knows working hard doesn't guarantee success, and he knows what we need to do to make life work better for hard workers.

gary rith

Obama may not be hurting now, but he grew up poor with a single mom, he HAS walked a mile in the typical American shoes.
The thing with Mitt is, like somebody said of W: "he was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple", meaning, he has had every advantage in life but thinks he had the talent and hard work to deserve it. No. He was lucky to be born rich to begin with. What I found amusing though, Jen, and I agree he is different from the other clowns in at least NOT being crazy, is that so called Christians hate his Mormonism so much they would vote for Newt. What kind of bizarro world do we live in?

Green Girl In Wisconsin

Yeah, the disconnect is pretty strong there. I like that quote from Gary Rith--about born on third base.
I'm trusting Newt to put enough stain on him that Obama will run him over with ease in November. Smartest thing for the President to do is stay away from the fray and concentrate on business as usual. The less he behaves like he's campaigning, the further he disassociates from the blather.

Cassi Renee

Well said --both you and the comments!


Exactly what I feel, but put much better, as I usually just toss my arms up in the air and groan.


Mittens definitely does NOT need to be president.


Amen sister!!


Man doesn't have an empathetic bone in his body.


My favorite thing was when eh was talking about his income and he said he made some money from his book, but not very much...$300,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah, pocket change, Mitt. I was stunned that someone who claims to understand the "normal" Americans could say that. We have clients who qualify for child care assistance because they have a household of 5 surviving on $32,000 a year.


The scariest thing about Mitt Romney is that he has the full financial backing of Wall Street and big banks. They have abandoned giving money to Obama because they say he's been too hard on them, what with him wanting to tax the wealthy and all.

So if those guys push for a Romney win, THAT'S what we have to worry about. No president works in a vacuum, and nothing gets passed without the Senate and Congress. And they protect the middle class, or at least are supposed to.

My family has always been Democrats but my Dad voted for Reagan twice, much to the chagrin of the rest of us, because he wanted to hold on to his money. A lot of rich people think like that. And with Obama breathing down the neck of the rich, it could go either way. If my Dad were still alive, I'm sure he would break rank and side with Romney's camp.

shrink on the couch

I get especially pissed off when people imply that all poor people are lazy (I'm lookin' at YOU, Newt). I know plenty of "lazy" poor who work three jobs, 16 hour days, 6-7 days a week, to keep shoes on their kids' feet. And then the cycle begins again when there's nobody around to supervise the teens. It's not that parents don't care what happens to their kids, it's that they can't afford to be at home. And can't afford the nannies that the top 2-5% use to supervise theirs.

The Zadge

Come on, give Mitt a break. It's really hard to be that detached from real life.

Little Miss Sunshine State

People in 49 states didn't have him from 2003-2007 as Gov. in a state we sarcastically called TAXACHUSETTS.
He decreased the deficit in MA by increasing fees on a LOT of things...marriage licenses, driver's licenses. gas taxes...money that hit the blue collar workers.
He cut education money so much that state university tuition went up 63% in his 4 years of office.
One year at UMASS-Dartmouth is over $8000. One year at Univ of Central Florida is under $5000, one year of grad school is under $7500
Any idea why we moved out?

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Jenn, between what you said and what the other commenters have said, I have nothing to add but a big AMEN!


Absolutely! Thank you for saying all of this. Mitt is wrong for our nation in so many ways. I can't understand his lack of empathy and I can't understand the lack of empathy in the people who plan to vote for him. I am so distressed over this. I could not believe they nominated McCain and Palin... and now I can't believe they will nominate one of these jokers.


Please tell me that the only reason you want Newt to get the nomination is because you think Obama would then win the election easily.

Aunt Snow

I think many Democrats say - or joke about - wanting Newt to get the nomination, because we think Obama would then win. And also for the comedy factor.

I used to think this, until recently, when Newt's anger and rhetoric have ramped up. Even though I know that, if Newt were the nominee, he would never beat Obama, I fear for the health of our civility in our country if we had to endure 8 months of Newt's demagoguery. He is unprincipled in his willingness to use inflammatory rhetoric and encourage hate speech and anger in his followers. I would greatly fear some mentally weak follower being spurred to commit a horrible act.

Romney is relatively sane, but he is also despicable in his willingness to speak the most blatant lies, and his constant switching positions.


Aunt Snow, I think you make a good point. I know I've joked about wanting ol' Newt to get the party high-five because I feel like not enough people would support him, but I hadn't considered the potential ramifications of his relentless stoking. So scary.

As another person who lived through Mitt Romney's tenure in MA, I'm not eager to give him a national platform to undermine the middle and working classes. But I don't feel like he is insane. Clueless? Absolutely. But, to me, he doesn't embrace vitriol the same way Newt does.

Deb D

Your political posts and the comments are always so thought provoking. Looking across from Canada I am always puzzled at how among my American friends the less wealthy seem to be the stauchest Republicans and those solidly in the middle class seem to be Democrats whereas I would expect only the very rich to be Republicans.


As mt Mom used to say..."The man has been breathing rarified air for too long..." Umm how about his whole life? He has made a living )he did not NEED...)by basically being a vulture who picks apart the carcass and doesn't care who is left with NOTHING because he profitted in some way. No I do not think he has a grasp on reality for most Americans and I think he lacks the ability to understand it at all. He is a scary, not too bright boob; the other is a vengeful and factless bully hipocrit. Guess you know who I will continue to stand with!


Has nobody, anywhere, ever mentioned that the "safety net" that he cited seems to be one of the things that Republicans criticize Democrats for keeping in place? Social programs seem to be tops on the list of things to cut for most conservatives.


You need to send this to the UT ;-)... and maybe some other publications.


This 2012 will be my 6th of voting age (gee why does it feel as if legitimately been through about 20 series of primaries?), and I just don't know what to think. Well, I do know- 'Uh-oh.' I am scared!
Santorum scares me down to my socks and up to my roots. Romney is a little daft. With Obama things will simply stay the same- also not what we need.
What are we to do?

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