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March 04, 2012


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Exactly. And I do believe that, in the cases where some "causes" do seem to exist, they are seized on as an explanation, even though there are plenty of people with similar factors who do not have an ED or whatever problem is being dealt with. It is a very inexact science, to be sure. I really think it is more closely related to OCD than anything else. Which is interesting, because strep infections have been observed to bring on OCD in people. I can't remember where I read that.

Jenn @ Juggling Life

The syndrome is called P.A.N.D.A.S. and that is what likely caused Danger Boy's Tourette's Syndrome--the neurologist did a strep titre.



I appreciate your courage to share your family's story. Take as much time as you need. Sending strength.


I also appreciate your sharing and SB's willingness to let you share. Please let her know that as someone who works with young peeps, I am grateful for the info.

I just re-read that and it sounded awfully clinical and that's the opposite of how I feel. I hope SB gets and stays well very soon. I remember my experiences with an eating disorder my senior year in high school, but that was 20 years ago.


30+ years ago I was diagnosed with an eating disorder---it was the first time I ever heard of the condition. Looking back, I was well adjusted, satisfied in most every aspect of my life and had just the right amount of drama to keep life interesting.

I got down to 5'10"/110 pounds. It was the first diet I had ever been on and I was so thrilled to have lost weight on my first try. And then for some inexplicable reason it turned into an obsession. Whenever one body part got skinny, I thought the others looked fat in comparison.

I still remember the day I drank a regular soda by mistake instead of a diet soda and I went into a tailspin. I was so angry---I raged & cried & then walked the entire day to try to burn it off. Ultimately I went to the dr. for something else and that's when it all unraveled...


Until SB and then SB and your family goes into therapy the real reasons will never be known. That there is something off kilter is apparent, but only she knows why. And only therapy will bring it out.

Busy Bee Suz

I am really glad that you are sharing this...and she is such a strong and smart girl to let us all in here. Not to mention very brave too!!!
We can all learn something!

Jenn @ Juggling Life

We will do therapy, but I have to disagree about something being off-kilter. Her life is not perfect, but most, if not all, of her disease is genetic.
It is not unheard of--autism, schizophrenia, bi-polar--these are all diseases that once were thought to be triggered by something wrong in the home or with the mother and research has shown that to be completely false.

The initial impulse to lose weight may have resulted from not wanting to struggle with being heavy as I do--which I consider to be a normal course of action.


Dear Jenn, please ignore the insensitive remarks by Suzy. Armchair psychiatrists are only that. You love your daughter, you are supporting her and you are doing all you can to help her. I thought about her yesterday and hope her first day of treatment went well and that she felt comfortable and safe. Much love to you both.


I was thinking about her (and you) yesterday, too, as the first steps into treatment took place. Rarely can causes of something be sorted out into individual threads, as you note here in checking off each of the traditionally-ascribed causes of an ED. It's just not that easy...if it were, it wouldn't have caught a kid as bright and accomplished as yours. Nae, it takes something un-pin-downable to catch a kid like your SB. The genetic predisposition makes sense. I also think MIME's comment is helpful in shedding light on how our brains start to wind us up into habits and perceptions we can't even see happening. If there is a psychological/emotional component to SB's restricted eating, I wonder if it's tied in at all to the end of the era of living at home and looking ahead to a new kind of on-her-own-ness when off at college. I often think heading off to college is easier for kids who haven't loved high school--who want to the relief of getting away or having a chance to start over. I would imagine that, for a kid whose been having a pretty good time all along, it could be intimidating to think about leaving a good thing behind...??

gary rith

well, anyway, here is hoping for a solid and healthy future!

Cassi Renee

I am really grateful that you and SB are willing to share this. I've struggled with my weight all my life, and I've been obsessive about dieting, but never to the point where I ended up with an ED. Your experience makes me nervous for my daughter, and I know I will benefit from your insights and information.

Green Girl In Wisconsin

Who knew it was a genetic predisposition? Wow. I can't wait to read your next posts on this.


Hi Jenn, I want to thank you and your daughter for sharing this. You have already helped at least one person. Me. I live in San Diego also and the news that there are good eating disorder programs here made me want to know more. I have long been in semi denial that I really had an ED, thinking no, I just need to try harder to control myself. Mine is compulsive binge eating, so it's more a lack of control rather than too much. Because of your comments about the signs of EDs not being what you'd expect, I looked them up and found that I did indeed have all the signs of Compulsive Binge Eating Disorder, and I finally admitted to my family that I needed help, that I finally realized it was completely out of my control. This realization that it isn't just my own failure at sticking to diets and such was rather a relief. And now I am going to get the help that I need.

Looking back, all this probably began in high school for me. And I'm 32 now. Good for you for being proactive about your daughter's health. My parents were in just as much denial as I was and didn't get help for me, despite others telling them that I likely had a problem.


I am so glad that you found this out and got help so quickly. I was worried about my daughter for a while when she was in middle school (she got past it after several worrying months) and looked into the information on EDs and didn't see her there, either. I am looking forward to your continuing posts and to hearing about SB's recovery.


You know, it makes a lot of sense that ED would be genetic in origin... That would explain a whole lot as opposed to the white-wash offered by myths like'the controlling mother' or 'lack of control in other areas'
Aspergers or autism is no longer considered as proof of deficiencies in home or upbringing... Thank goodness for empirical research that advances our knowledge as opposed to armchair psychiatrists who do the exact opposite.
Thinking of SB and your family.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

The genetic reasoning makes tremendous sense, especially when I think of how happy, healthy, and athletic your daughter has been all these years. Something about the myriad of changes the body goes through during adolescence seems to unveil dangers that were previously unseen and unknown.
If it were a matter of societal pressure to be thin, coupled with a strong desire to be so, I would have anorexia or bulimia. Instead, having read this post and the above comments, I'm going to go look up CBED.
Again, thank you for being so open. Both of you!


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Is veganism a form of eating disorder? I work with a vegan who is super skinny....almost unnaturally so and we never really see her eat but she talks about vegan recipes.

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Your daughter doesn't have anorexia. She has ED-NOS.

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