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March 11, 2012


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One week down, and you're on your way! You are so lucky to have that program. It used to be that you weren't supposed to force them to eat, they had to come to that realization on their own (through therapy). But no one realized that you had to physically retrain the mind to accept food by making the person start eating. It's almost as if your own mind has turned against you, isn't it? Holding you hostage, as it were...


I'm glad she's starting to create new eating patterns and habits. I never would've thought of the shopping issue (growing out of a size=trauma). Your blog is so educational and enlightening. As a mother of two and a stepmom to 3, I truly appreciate you and SB opening my eyes to many things with regard to this issue.


As with any recovery/rehabilitation, there are always some easy days and some hard days...a few steps forward and a few back. But it sounds like there has been good progress in only one week! Congratulations, SB! Glad to hear you're spending time with your loyal friend again.

Cassi Renee

Congratulations to both of you on making it successfully through the first week!

I really like the doodle --it reminds me of some doodles my own daughter has made, and I'm going to show her this one.

Green Girl In Wisconsin

It sounds like a quiet time of healing--glad she's got the peace and space to do it well!

Busy Bee Suz

Reading this makes my heart sing...she is getting there, and she WILL be where she needs to be. Minus the cussing part. :)
Love her doodles...reminds me of a certain someone I know too.

mom taxi julie

I was thinking of you guys while I was working in the yard yesterday. Is she missing school? Doing independent study? Just curious with all the college stuff coming up (we went to visit one on Saturday).

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen

I've recently been reading a book about eating nutrient dense foods called "Eat to Live". It's sold as a diet book which is unfortunate since it's really a nutrition and health book (but who wants to buy something as boring as that). It seems like looking for nutrient rich foods might be a good safe place to start --- something I'm sure they're already covering in your daughter's therapy. Just thought I'd mention that it was a good read. Glad to hear that the program is going so well. You are two strong ladies!


Hugs and prayers as you go through this journey!!


You have the best perspective -- yes, there will be bumps, but SB is on the right track and she'll get to where she needs to. I'm wishing your fam you many more good days than painful days en route.


Six days a week makes perfect sense to me, and is definitely the way I would want it done. It must be nice to have a team of people all working towards the same goal. I am so glad that SB has such an awesome friend in Peanut.
I have to say that I find SB's "doodle" fascinating!


A wonderful art doodle!

The shopping sounds like a good part of healing, in fact, as it deals with looking at what the body really is and should be.

Keep soldiering through those tough meals. Just remember to duck.


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