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April 19, 2012


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Minnesota Matron

Jenn -- Frazzled indeed. You are in a crazy season, my dear. Sometimes all we can do is know we're doing ALL we can and let some of the 'should haves' slip by. But wow. Lots of good stuff but I get it!

Busy Bee Suz

You SHOULD be frazzled. I can't believe how much you have going on...and I am betting that your graceful moments outweigh the cranky ones.
LOVE. that DRESS!!!
Keep up the good work, it will slow down eventually.


At least all the stuff that has you frazzled is important stuff, that will benefit everyone in the long run. Doesn't help you feel less frazzled, though. That dress is the prettiest bridesmaids dress I have ever seen. Seriously.

Little Miss Sunshine State

I hope you feel all the good thoughts holding you up during all this frazzled time.
Your optimism is inspiring.

gary rith

Oh Jen, all this and a sick beagle too? Sheesh, best wishes!


I would have been astonished if you weren't frazzled. You have such grace under pressure.

Smalltown Me

Holy cow! Is there anything more you could juggle? Hope not! I love love love the dress, though. A wedding is sure a bright spot.


The dress, especially the color, is beautiful and the fun of the wedding will help smooth the frazzle.

I can hardly believe that all this happens at once and I do relate so well to the re-entry period of a traveling spouse. Maybe he dog is feel the stres in the house?

Take a moment for yourself when you can, just a breath when that is all there is time for.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

J'adore the dress, DUDE (have to say "dude" if you're calling me "most excellent"). Your life is so full right now and your daily allotment of hours are certainly insufficient! But I get how ALL of it is important right now--you cannot dismiss your child, your career opportunities and the rest of it. I'm impressed that you juggle it, but that's what you do. And I bow to your awareness of how you react to change--esp. concerning the situation w/ Mr. Fix-it. Peace, sister. Calmer waters ahead, right?

Cassi Renee

I am so sorry for SB that this process of changing our brains isn't easier. And I'm sorry for you that while you're putting all that work into helping her, she knows you love her enough that she can vent her anger at you. That's got to be tough.

Your career life sounds wonderful --I know I'd find it so exciting and invigorating to be involved in working with the curriculum as the changes in format are happening. I hope that you can still find the space in your head to enjoy that process and how affirming it is to your intelligence and ability.

Good luck, and hopefully at least one of the various things will ease up and become a bit easier soon.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen

Wow. That is a lot going on at one time. Hang in there! You and your family have shown such strength and grace through all of this. Thank you for sharing this journey. (The cook side of me is drooling over cream in enchiladas!)


Oh, honey. You do have a lot on your plate. Here's hoping it gets a little easier!


I can't imagine how someone in your shoes (or, more accurately, sandals) wouldn't be stressed! You're right about there being no easy fix for what she's dealing with (or, you know, with many things in life), but I hope that things click for her sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed.

P.S. I love that dress.

Deb D

LOVE the dress! Such a tough spot for your family to be in right now. All kinds of cliches come to mind but I won't share them. I'm rooting for SB to be able to do what she needs to do and for you be able to get some support while you support her efforts. The career opportunity sounds awesome and what you have worked so hard for. Hopefully you can take some time to enjoy it..

JCK (Motherscribe)

Hang in there, Jenn! Thinking of you always and sending good thoughts. Life seems to be challenging like this - everything at once or nothing at all. Tough stuff you are going through, yet I know you will get through it. And, you already are...

Mama Hen Em

I've been MIA in reading blogs for so long and just came over to catch up. The grace that you exhibit while going through so many things right now is amazing.It sounds like you have so much on your plate right now and I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. As someone who has been where SB is right now, I especially appreciate your willingness to share this part of your life. My heart goes out to your girl and she is so very blessed to have a mom and a family who love her and support her.


You really do have a lot going on! I need to express a concern that is formed only from what I read here, and not from actually living your life and being involved with SB on a day to day basis so I acknowledge that I am working with limited information. That being said, I have been working with college students for over 20 years now, and I know the challenges that going to college presents to students even under the most ideal circumstances, but I have been witness to the particular challenges faced by students with eating disorders. Some students respond very well to the independence and newly found control they have at college, others spiral right back into old habits and end up in a very bad place with regard to their mental state and ED. One student in particular I found heart breaking. She ended up taking a leave twice over the span of two years to go back into treatment and ultimately withdrew because she simply could not manage college and dealing with her ED at the same time. My concern with SB is that there is this pressure to achieve her goal weight and make progress in time to go to college and that the launch into her college life will come so soon after getting a handle on her ED. I am sure it is something you are talking about, but I needed to say it. I am amazed at both her strength and fortitude but also yours.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Jenn, I was gone over the weekend and am just now getting around to reading blogs. You are holding up with grace but by all means, take a little time for yourself here and there! There is no way of getting around frazzled... just as there is no way of SB getting around the true path to health... so you both will be soldiering on and making it work. Hang in there!

SB, I am also tall (a little over 5'9" at your age) and that was a healthy weight for me at that stage of my life. Don't be afraid of the numbers. ♥

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