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April 26, 2012


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Tonya Lynn

I'm mainly a lurker but oh how I wished I had an older sister Grownup Girl when I was in high school.

I can imagine much of what SB is facing right now (as I went through much of what you have shared myself.) She is extremely lucky to have such a wonderful and loving mother and sister (and then men of the family as well.)

Cassi Renee

Thank God life gets better after high school. Why are people so mean to each other?!

Emma asked me today, after holding the door at the post office for an old woman and a younger woman "Why are old people so much nicer than younger people?" Because they've lived long enough to realize how important it is to be kind to others --you never know when that kindness will come back around and be important to you.

Congrats to Gary --from looking around his webite a few times, a great artist :-)


High school drama...UGH! Hang in there, SB. It's just a few more months. There are many of us out here in the cyber-world who think you're an amazing, strong and decent young woman, and we're excited for what the next chapter in life holds for you!!!


I am so sorry. She really doesn't need this right now and I wish she didn't have to go through it. I hope this is the inspiration she needs to get better, get to college and meet some amazing new people who will love her and be her pillars. After what she has been through, she is light years ahead of them in terms of maturity and self-awareness. This is a wonderful thing. Much love to you both. (And, I have a big sis who continues to do for me what GuG does for SB... and I am 44.)


Holding you all in my heart. We've got your back SB! If only we could all realize that we are all just walking home....
much love.


I'm chiming in with "ugh!" as well.
As if SB doesn't have enough going on. It really does get better after high school, and here's praying SB keeps her head high and stays on the classy path.

High school drama is some of the hardest to get through (and I say that having had some serious drama in life...)

gary rith

Terribly sorry about the HS drama, sheesh, whoo needs that, esp. near the end and with all the rest?
Thanks for all the kind words here :) GOSH! I am winner, luuuuucky me! PO Box 429, Etna, NY 13062-0429

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Glad to not be in high school. Am always glad of that.
Congrats to Gary!

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

You've raised some wonderful kids, Jenn.

SB, you have a terrific older sister and there is much wise advice already written here in the comments, so I'll just add my "hang in there!"

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen

I had a pretty great high school experience but would I go back? No thank you. I am horrified at some of the stories that I hear from my music students. Life is hard enough without the added drama and frankly just down right meanness. Thank god for awesome older sisters! I have one myself. Hang in there!


That's awful. I'm glad SB is done in a few months (or weeks? Our seniors have less than a month of classes left), but I'm sorry that she has to deal with the drama now. Hope she continues to stay strong and spend time with other people who aren't involved in it.


F'ed up is right. Stay strong SB, and remember that these are people who you won't have to be around that much longer, and that don't matter at all in the grand scheme of things. Don't let them bring you to their level.


My daughter didn't get it when I told her that people who behaved badly usually had problems and that is why they behaved that way,not because there was really anything wrong with her.

When she was older she told me she realized what I had been trying to explain to her. I suppose it doesn't help when you are young but it explains why older people are nicer - we know everyone has their struggles!

Smalltown Me

It's just a shame that some kids feel it's OK to be rotten.


I hope this week is a better one for SB, but as others have said, she is lucky to have not only you, but an older sister to come to for these things!

Busy Bee Suz

Yes, thank goodness high school is just a small part of our lives. (In the long run that is) I hate that there is any drama around SB while she is so attentive to her own health right now.


And it just feels like EVERYTHING as it's happening; that's the worst of it. Sure, in a few years, this will be a black spot in memory that serves as a touchstone for how much better things have gotten, but in the midst, it's such The Suck. I believe the technical term for the way girls of that age interact is "relational aggression."

Christian Louboutin High Heels

Sweetly said, and while we here in the Pacific NW aren't exactly steeped in sunshine much I do know that neighborhood feeling of sharing yards and porches. I'm so lucky to have my best friend across the street; neither of us has a Wii (yet...) but we do drink plenty of tea together and it is one of the best parts of my day.

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