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April 14, 2012


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gary rith

Fingers crossed, its a long process!


Very true. The hard times make us appreciate the easy times that much more also. You are both doing great!


I was just thinking of you and SB this morning. Great to hear about her progress! I have a question though: I've heard that after weight loss through fasting or dieting one often simply re-gains that weight(and more)so much faster when resuming a non-restricted diet. What makes the loss/re-gain process with anorexia so different? Thanks.
Good luck with further progress SB!

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Three steps forward, two steps back... but your positive attitudes point to the important thing: there is a gain! To you and SB: Keep up the terrific work! You ARE doing this!♥ And you are in my prayers, that you will have strength and perseverance and good health.

I'm also interested in the answer to ~annie's question.

Little Miss Sunshine State

If she needs to keep gaining has she been allowed to exercise. I can't imagine such an active girl being happy if she couldn't exercise. For my daughter, that is her main way of dealing with anxiety.


it's good that she has supportive and sympathetic voices around her - because I'm pretty sure that regardless of how loving other people are, it's hard to understand the true struggle of "and then I have to eat a slice of chocolate cake too"

I have a friend whose sister struggles to keep on weight - and I know that even when people are aware, it's just so easy for women to just fall into the "I would kill to be so thin" or "I wish *I* could eat that and not worry" talk... we bond over hating excess weight, and then there's so much to re-learn to have healthy relationships with food and with our bodies...


I hope she likes peanut butter, as that's currently my greatest source of "You've got to be kidding...there are THAT many calories in a tablespoon?" Perhaps peanut butter cup Haagen-Dazs?

The process of taking stock what's in each food is a huge one, as no matter which direction we're coming at our bodies from (want to be bigger, want to be smaller), it's always a shock to realize how much needs to go into the body to keep it regulated. I wish SB a ton of nutritious peanut butter! Perhaps with a cup of granola stirred in!


While I cannot phathom how hard it must be to struggle to eat so much when you feel negatively about it - I do wonder why so many calories? I sure don't eat that much when I gain weight. There is a difference for anorexics? Fascinating.

Busy Bee Suz

I am glad the 'gain' part is at least happening.
Kudos to SB for persevering....and for her family cheering her on!


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Im so glad I came across this site. My daughter is going through the same thing and I was so excited when she gained weight and so disappointed when she lost the next week I was worried. She two gained three lost two but were moving our way up the scale. How long has SB been in recovery and did she have to go thru medical treatment.


To get better numbers we continually add calories to her daily diet. Right now she is at 3,100 calories per day.

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