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May 03, 2012


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She is also lucky to have the parents that she has because of your guidance, she knows she can be strong, even when it might be easier not to.


That girl KICKS ASS.


Tears and cheers all the way from Texas. I am so amazed at how wonderfully strong and smart she is. I pray my daughter will grow up to be like her. I hope she will let you post pictures of her big night. I am so glad she is going.

"Sail on silver girl. Your time has come to shine. All your dreams are on their way. See how they shine." - Simon and Garfunkel

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

SB, you are inspiring, strong, and amazing! You've got a big cheering squad here. Hold your head up high!


What a strong girl! When I see the way that some high school peeps treat each other sometimes, I am reminded that no one else I know can match this age group for vicious, spiteful, willfully malicious (I'll stop with the adjectives now) behavior. I'm glad she's almost through it!

Reluctant Blogger

Your daughter is strong and amazing but to be honest it is you who always fills me with awe. You are pretty amazing, Jenn - so I guess she just takes after you.

Jen on the Edge

Your girl is so fabulous. I hope you'll share prom photos with us.

Have fun shopping tonight!

Little Miss Sunshine State

You were born to be her Mother.
She will be "strong at the broken places".

Jessie - a different one

It good that she knows that she has others there for her and that she is going to do something with her head held high! Have a good time dress shopping


I hope she rocks it! Way to go!

Smalltown Me

Good for her!

Cassi Renee

That's wonderful, and brave, and strong. Good for her.


She's awesome. So are you.

shrink on the couch

I'm really sad to know this kind of betrayal continues on into high school. How naive of me to think otherwise, huh?

Big yahoo and hoorah to SB for being strong and giving herself a prom. Happy dress shopping!

Busy Bee Suz

I'm SO happy that she is going...this is her time and screw those haters. I love this song; perfect for SB!!!

Mrs. G.

I am so glad she is such a strong chicklet (with strong parents.

I'm so glad she has true friends who are supporting her through ED and betrayal.

I'm so glad she has a mom with good taste and a credit card.

Hang tough, SB, so many of us are rooting for you!


Rock on, SB! I am so sorry to hear that in addition to dealing with the ED, SB has had to discover the true colours of some of the people she thought were her friends.

I hope this anthem gets sung loud and proud at the Prom!


She's already the Prom Queen in my book! Have fun shopping and "proming" SB!

Julie M

Way to go SB! You are such a strong young gall. Have a wonderful time at prom.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen

Every mother and every daughter should read this post. You are both amazing ladies.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen

Oh, and I think she might want to consider a dress that goes with pink high top sneaks. Those are great!!!


Make some wonderful memories, SB, with the people who are standing with you & cheering for you. Sometimes new friends turn into the best friends you can have. Love to you & your wonderful momma! One day at a time. <3 <3 <3


She is amazing, strong, and wise. I hope she has a fantastic time at prom.


Pictures, we want pictures! Congrats to SB for finding her strong core at such a young age. Good job helping her, mama.


So wonderful for both of you!

Green Girl in Wisconsin

She is going to ROCK a prom dress, that gorgeous girl of yours.


YEAH for SB! Can't wait to see the pics. Kicking but and taking names.
Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is.

JCK (Motherscribe)

Oh, I love these photos...

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