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July 12, 2012


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Smalltown Me

Jenn, please suggest some favorite songs.

I usually only hear what my kids play in the car. Like RUSH! Oh, I sense that might drive you crazy!

Sharon K

It's good to take news breaks, especially during an election year. I still listen to NPR but turn it off when certain hot button issues come up - I don't need to hear one second more about creationism.

I have an iPod Touch and it's great to have an album ready to go when I am driving through the foothills and lose NPR. Somehow the religous stations seem to come through everywhere.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I miss certain times in the car with NPR, but I am happier with music. Of course, I'm one of those people who discovered that back in high school. (And I happen to know that smalltownme and I are both Rush fans, so don't let her fool you.)


I worked in TV news before kids so I was quite immersed in the news of the day (think OJ trial) for many years. Then when I stopped working, I found I didn't watch tv news. I read the local newspaper. We lived near a very big city at the time so we got a lot of national and international news. So I felt like I was keeping up. Then we moved to a very small city. And the local paper is, well.... it's a small city newspaper and I find it frustrating on so many levels (they really need a better copy editor).

So like you, I tend to get most of my "breaking" news from Facebook or blogs. And sometimes "Wait, Wait. Don't Tell Me". I'm usually a month behind on their podcasts. I listen to it when I walk. I highly recommend downloading the podcasts. I wouldn't be surprised of if the other programs you like had podcasts too.

Although every now and then I worry that I am going to stopped by Jay Leno and not be able to answer his question.


I don't know the last three you mentioned. I heard a song a couple days ago that I can't stop listening to... "Let the Sun Shine" by Labyrinth. I stopped watching the news years ago for this reason. It stressed me out too much. Plus I have a horrible singing voice and the car is the only place I can sing without risk of total embarrassment.


a couple of my friends had babies in the 80s, so they missed the whole new wave scene...I, of course, didn't have kids and was in the clubs all the time. Loved that music!

Cassi Renee

Turning of the news is one of the most relaxing things a person can do! And, as Sharon said above, especially during an election year. Which, come to think of it, seems to be almost every year these days.

I love to sing in the car --and I really need an iPod dock in my car.

Common Household Mom

I feel the same way, but am not technologically proficient enough to have/use an iPod. I turn off the news and turn on the classical music. Instant relief from the barrage of the world's problems!

Susan Walker

I've been that way for years. I had so much tragedy in my life between ages 18-34 that I couldn't subject myself to any more gloom and doom. Like you, I get CNN breaking news alerts and find everything else on Twitter. Ocassionally I will check out my USA Today app for news, but I try to limit it.


I am so out of touch with the news that I probably wouldn't pass a current events test. And I am so completely fine with that.

ITunes and a CD player in my car (it was born a year too soon for an MP3/IPod dock thingy) mean that I mostly listen to the music of my yoot - Queen, Cheap Trick, Billy Joel, etc. - and some older/newer faves - the Supremes, Guns N Roses, Dixie Chicks - so I don't hear the new stuff.

I have a very emotional reaction to music so when life is hard I often go for days without listening to anything at all. Just the idea of that freaks a lot of people out but silence calms me.

Loading ITunes to check out the bands you mentioned...


this made me smile. i get my news the old-fashioned way, and listen to music on the train ride, in the car, where ever i can. i almost never listen to the radio...

mom taxi julie

I remember, for a long time I didn't really listen to music. Probably about the time I started driving to work is when I started listening to it more too. It's really relaxing to crank it up and dance around the room sometimes!


Sometimes a person just has to listen to music in the car ... and sing along ... and maybe shimmy a bit ... and think to herself, "I am wearing sunglasses and none of these people will probably ever see me again anyway!"

Busy Bee Suz

I love pandora! I have always been the opposite of you in the fact that I loathe the news. It always brings me down; therefor I live under a rock. And I listen to a lot of music...it's easier to swallow than reality. :)
Have you tried Cake Radio? Johnny Lang Radio? Ray LaMontagne Radio? I have those with some 80's, steve miller, Dave Matthews and Prince mixed in. Makes for an eclectic upbeat mix.


Exactly! I am the same way, although I have never listened to talk radio of any kind. I'm especially enjoying Pandora lately because the Today's Hits station is making me feel much younger...keeping up with the current stuff, which is something I haven't done for a long time. There is some really good stuff out there right now.


Interesting! I'm so glad that music came to you at just the right month to save and revive.

I've been a bit "off" my NPR in recent months, too; I'd ever so much rather listen to podcasts. More interesting voices there.

The Girl Next Door

I do love my music - all kinds from the 60's through the current day "indie Sh*t" my kids play for me (they call it that, not me). My mom berates me for not knowing every latest news item but I just find it all so depressing. I hit CNN.com once a day, have various twitter feeds, and geez that's enough! Happy you have found some release and some YOU time in all this.

ocean sounds

Music helps us relieve stress and it makes the environment comfortable. When I am in a journey, I always listen to music to overcome the stress of journey.

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