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July 09, 2012


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Green Girl in Wisconsin

It's so great that you found a job you love and it fits your life so very well.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

You write very well of the benefits of a job that is perfect for YOU!

I just picked up a part-time volunteer gig for the rest of July. And while I'm [possibly, maybe, perhaps] looking for a part-time job this next school year, I am very limited in what sort of job I can even consider. With my kids' ages, it would need to follow the school calendar. Plus, I have really enjoyed being able to spend time with my husband without the kids!
However, the siren call of being valued in a different way, with financial benefits, is beginning to be heard over here.


Hear hear! I'm so glad to have a job, even though I have an elementary school age child. I sort of wish I had more time to hang out in the summer, but...

Also, I can (and do) wear jeans to work almost every day.

Slow Panic

I kind of have it both ways -- I work outside the home, my office just happens to be at home. It's a little tricky sometimes. But I'm lucky.


Yep, I get it. I worked full-time for 25 years but quit to go back to college this past January. I was fortunate to be able to concentrate on school for the first semester without having to work. Lots of measurable goals, of course, but a whole 'nother world from working. This summer I am interning with the Girl Scouts and I was surprised at how delighted I was to be back in an office setting.

Busy Bee Suz

It has been such a joy for me to witness this transition with you. I know you love it...and you are thankful for having had the opportunity to wear all those hats!


While I was ready to give up the SAHM position, I have not found ideal work as you have. My current position allows very casual dress, but I agree that working with the guys has certainly made things interesting!


To have a job that you really enjoy just makes life so much easier. Hope the Grown Up Peeps find this out soon, and possibly in San Diego!

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