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August 25, 2012


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Smalltown Me

Roommate T sounds like my kind of gal! Records! Best wishes to SB!

I haven't had to do the college goodbye yet because my older son is still going to a jc and living in our garage apartment. I find our many airport goodbyes have been very wrenching, but I do not cry in front of them, only afterwards due to the stress of the airports. I truly think taking them to college will be easier than taking them to LAX!


Aww...no tears even for the 4th send-off, Jenn? I have tears in my eyes just reading this post, (especially given this past half year). Love the elephant!


And it's time to update your Cast of Characters again!


Glad the send-off went so well and that your excitement outweighs the more exhausting emotions that can come at such times. Also glad that SB looks so happy to begin her new adventure!


It's been a loooonnng time since I was in a dorm, but isn't a triple a room with 3 girls? You mentioned T, but what about the third girl?
It is great that she has three friends to look out for her from home!


You are my hero!

And I am not so sure I will be able to balance those feelings.

I am so glad it all went so well - congrats to all of you!

mom taxi julie

I'm still amazed at myself for not crying! I think I was ready for her to spread her wings, and hey it's not like the old days of writing letters, I get texts through out the day and can see what she posts on Facebook.

Her triple looks quite a bit larger than the one Jess is in. They didn't have a fridge provided so we brought a small one we have and never use. That larger one would be really nice!

gary rith

OH WOW, your baby is gone. Watching her over these years, and recent months, well, this is fantastic :) Am I remembering correctly, that just the other day you were blogging her start in high school?
You know, a lot of middle class families these days have kids that get to slop with the hogs: live at home and go to community college or join the army to go to college or nobody ever encourages them to go to college....and here is YOU, sending all 4 kids away to the exact college they want to go to. THAT is what can make America great, parents investing in their kids' dreams and helping them do it!

Çorlu Matbaa

Paylaşımınız için teşekkürler. Paylaşımlarınızın devamını dilerim yazılarınızı takip ediyorum teşekkürler.

Ann in NJ

I was good until your last line. My oldest is a senior this year so we are deep in the throes of the college search. Complicated by the fact that he's not really sure what he wants to do.

I hope I can give my children the gifts that you have given yours.

Busy Bee Suz

Well, I DID cry reading this. {NOT surprised?} And not because I don't want her to be your baby anymore....I'm just so thrilled for her! She is awesome and I hope her year ahead is easier than the last.
Her friends are awesome....the ones with her and the ones who are on another journey this year.


Good for you! Good for Social Butterfly! Did Mr. Fix It manage not to cry?

I didn't cry when I sent my two boys off to college. I too felt that this was their destiny and they were beginning the life they were meant to live.
Getting married, however, that was a different story. I cried tears of pure joy, each time.

Enjoy your empty nest and I second what Gary said.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Good for you, Jenn!

So far, I'm 2 for 2 (with 2 more to go) on sending them off happily. There is simply something too wonderful for crying when you KNOW that kid is ready to fly. (The crying probably comes later, like when there is a really touching song being played during the wedding. True confession.)

Perhaps properly caffeinated, we can do just about anything? ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life


Green Girl in Wisconsin

BIG milestone for your family. My favorite part is all the love surrounding your daughter. It's so evident in the pictures.

Barb Cooper

Wow, I cried so hard when my kids STARTED PRE-SCHOOL that people were pointing at me. Ditto Kindergarten. Ditto every milestone since then. You are Superwoman!

And congratulations--roots and wings. You gave both. That's a really good Mom right there.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen

I'm trying to remember if my mom cried when leaving me at college. I'm pretty sure no tears were shed. They were probably happy to finally have some peace and quiet. Great to see your daughter thriving after such a tough year.


I don't cry either. If I did, it would be because I'm jealous! College is wasted on the young.

Susan Walker

I admire you so, Jenn. I wish I had half your strength.

Been going through an unexpected and really serious, scary thing with my son this past week and keep thinking of you and how you have gotten through this whole anorexia thing. (Well, you didn't "get through it" as if it's over, but you know what I mean.) I hope I can do as well and be as strong. Some days, I'm not so sure.


I fall a little more in adore with you with every post I read. There's a woman here in Duluth whom I quite admire, and when her youngest got graduated from college a few years ago, I was asking, "Did you sob? Did it feel like the end of something?" She replied,

"I did cry a little--but because I was so carried away by the fact that everything is possible for her right now."

And then, you know, I cried a little bit.


Ugh. Wish I could edit comments; I reread the previous and see where I didn't delete a word.

Ah, well, it's all to distract you from how very much your house is all your own right now.

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