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August 14, 2012


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Love your rainbow of polish. I look at my polish bottles and and they range from red to coral!


I have a collection of colors also. However, I have been getting OPI Gel manicures for the last year. The manicures cost $20.00 every two weeks, I haven't purchased new polish in a year, I think I might be ahead.
After SB takes the "cool" colors you will have a reason to purchase more. Buying polish seems so innocent, doesn't it? A way to scratch the shopping itch for a rather small expense. Then, one day, you look at your collection and wonder how it got so large.


Wow! I almost never paint my fingernails, but I paint my toenails in the summer. I have never had a french manicure or pedicure, can you believe it? Actually I've never had any pedicure! I once saw an article about someone getting an infection after getting a pedicure and every time I think about getting one now, those images pop in my mind and I can't do it!

Little Miss Sunshine State

I've been going neutral on my fingernails and bright colors on my toes.

When Sorority Girl moves out there is going to be SO much more beauty product storage space in my house. She is SUCH a girly-girl and I'm such a hippie.

Slow Panic

Love all that nail polish. Love OPI so much. Unfortunately I do not manage to keep my nails done all the time, but it's a goal.


When Lillian moved to Chicago she took most of the polish--she's more committed to colored nails than I am--but we did have to buy a few duplicates of our mutual favorites. Now that she's back living at home (for now, anyway) we've put a moratorium on new colors for the rest of the year (we cheat, but not much). Of course, we both know it's not about the nail polish leaving, don't we?


Wow. That's a lot!


My SB (stands for Sarah Bell - not really her middle name - because that would be weird) and I have about twice as many bottles as you have there and we use the same brands as you all. I've had acrylic nails for about 20 years and I always do my nails and toes the same color and I see my girl doing the same. We won't need to split up the bottles up yet - she is only entering 10th grade this year - so I have a little more time to share. :o)

gary rith

HOLY CATS! I will say, though, that I often think gals are lucky they can decorate their toenails such fun ways!

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

What a rainbow! I think I own 6 bottles in total, and 2 of those were purchased just a few months ago. But then, I'm terrible about keeping up with things like hair and nails (this is what happens when tomboys grow up).

@Jenrantsraves, A pedicure a few years ago has given me cause to never get one again. It makes me sad to not have prettily painted toenails but I'm still fighting the unintended results.

Busy Bee Suz

Oh, this could be our collection too....between the three of us, I can't even fathom the $$ we spend on nail polish. Love all the fun colors!
So, you keep your fingers and toes polished??? I gave up on my fingers, but my toes have not been nekkid since 1996.


I love a painted toenail, but I only do clear polish on my hands most of the time. Though looking at your varied selection does make me think about throwing on something a little more festive!

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