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September 17, 2012


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I'm right there with you. I saw the Romney clip last night and have been fuming ever since,


Amen, sister.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Out of touch and lacking Christian compassion indeed.
I'd rather 4 more years of President Obama TRYING to do good by MOST of us than 4 years of a man who only seems to understand his fellow one-percenters.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I waited 24 hours to try to breathe deeply and become Zen-like. Then I posted an NPR link on facebook. That's as Zen-like as it's gonna get from me.
My husband & I have had many years of getting money back on our taxes. Raising and educating 4 children on a single income -- that single wage earner being employed by the U.S. ARMY -- apparently makes us moochers.

Jenn, you get a big AMEN!! from this choir member.
GG in Wisconsin, you are singing my song.

At least someone helped Mitt Romney share his opinion with the rest of us. (Not that I didn't see it shining through the chinks in his image armor!)


Just saw the clip on Swedish National TV... Good thing someone decided to share this little bit of Romneyism with the population of the US.
I hope the voters will keep him far away from the White House in the upcoming election.


It's scary to me that people STILl think Romney is the one to vote for.

Cassi Renee

Amen, amen, AMEN!


So true... Both of my parents worked from the time they were in their mid-teens in the 1940's. They lived frugally and thought that they'd saved enough for retirement. They both had Alzheimer's and ended up in nursing homes on Medicaid. They never expected to live into their late 80's and certainly never anticipated the cost of their healthcare. Even if they could have planned for it they could not have saved enough money. My dad's annual salary at it's highest would never have come close to the cost of nursing home care.


His arrogance/total lack of compassion and/or understanding infuriates me, but I am so happy that this video is out there. I like it when people show who they really are, not just who their PR peeps want you to see.

gary rith

I AM the 47 percent....or even 99 percent...amazing that Obama isn't polling 99 percent to Mitt's one now....

Jenn @ Juggling Life

You and I are thinking along the same lines this morning.

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Aunt Snow

I am disturbed by the entire tape. The 47% remark is disturbing not only by its offensiveness, but by the fact that Romney is, in effect, saying that he is writing off half the country - if elected, he would only serve the 53%.

The rest of the tape has equally disturbing things - the notion that the Palestinian peace process is hopeless. The comment that he'd be happy to exploit a national security crisis (we've already seen it!) for political gain. The description of the Chinese factory that he seemed to admire.

The man has no soul.


I have been an irrsponsible 47%er since I was 19 and got my first college loan. Now my kids are following in my slacker footsteps. When will the cycle end?


ANYONE who thinks they have made it "on their own" is delusional.

(and I'll be happy to walk through it with them)

"We're all in this together!"

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