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September 23, 2012


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Thanks for the review. I had thought about seeing this. And I probably see a movie once every few years. Good to know that I don't need to waste my money!


I was SO looking forward to Hope Springs because, really, Meryl Streep AND Tommy Lee Jones? My two favorite actors? But I couldn't bear to see them in something as bad as this sounds, so I'll save my money.

And, if there's a kneeling movie-theater bj in the script, I'm glad I heard about it before it was too late.

I had been afraid it would be rather depressing, anyway. I don't need any more reasons to remind me how much easier many things are
when you're single. I'll go hunt up some good Meryl or Tommy re-run to watch.

Smalltown Me

I saw it. It was OK. It wasn't worse than a lot of other shit out there. Just don't go see it expecting any great insights. It's just a commercial movie, not artistic at all and certainly not a documentary on marriage therapy. That being said, I found the bj scene really sad and embarrassing for the character. Jeez, pick a more intimate place! They have a motel room!

The Zadge

No. No. No. Someone did NOT give a BJ in the theatre! Tell me no.


...IF you were going to give someone a bj in a movie theatre, it might be better to just lean over...'

Too funny, Jenn!
Two GREAT actors, one mediocre movie. A waste of some really great talent.

Little Miss Sunshine State

Amen. I saw it with 3 other women, all over 55. We looked at each other after it was over and said "Blech, that was depressing".
Meryl Streep's character made me nuts, with all the weirdo faces she was pulling. We thought Tommy Lee's character was someone we wouldn't fight to keep. That marriage needed WAY more than a week of therapy.
My Mom saw it with a group of women over 70 years old and they all had the same reaction.
With that cast and subject, it had the potential to be a good story, but sadly, it was not.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Teens being obedient by poking their heads in the door to say they are home after an evening out -- Yeah, sometimes that isn't such a good idea. We might have scarred one of our sons.

Thank you for adding your voice to the others that I respect; you have all worked together to keep me from wasting my money and an evening.

Busy Bee Suz

I love both Meryl and Tommy too....but I thought this might not be a good one. It seemed in the previews she was the one working for the relationship and he checked out. Blah.
Ummm....are you serious about this bj in the theater? was that in the movie or AT the movie??? LOL

Jenn @ Juggling Life

Lol. In the movie, at a movie.

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Darn. I wish I'd had your toddlers! Mine were terrible sleepers...but they all sleep well now :)
And I've heard more than once how blech that movie was. Which is depressing because I like both those actors.


I notice your readers kept their comments centered on the movie, not their sex lives. Me? I'll just tell you that my sex life is awesome, all the time. ; ) or should I say LOL?!

Lisa G. in CT

Noooooo!!! No thoughts. NO THOUGHTS!!!!


I know I didn't fight enough in the earlier years of our marraige - being married to a good lawyer is tough. The previews for the movie made it look like she was doing the work, making the effort and that drives me crazy. If there is something wrong, the sex does reflect it - but it certainly is not the answer to the problem!

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