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November 28, 2012


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Karen (formerly kcinnova)

Hey, you left notes and it still kept happening. A crib sheet is a pretty awesome idea.
I don't mind sharing cups on occasion, but water bottles are icky, especially since the lid goes back on and the germs have all sorts of germ-orgies in that environment.

Do the naysayers have other people utilizing their desks? I suspect they do not, so they wouldn't really understand.


I would go nuts if people kept changing things around or using my office and leaving things there, so I'd say good idea. (I'd go nuts if I had to work in an open-plan office. I have a hard enough time with the thin walls in our prefab building.) But I've also found it's very worth figuring out people's rules for their areas and belongings and work with them. Some people care, some don't...but might as well respect each other.


People in offices can be so self-entitled. People that keep their own houses perfectly may still never think of wiping down an office kitchen table. Must be somebody else's job. I'd say do what you have to do. I've spent enough time being the one woman manager in a sea of male managers and thusly getting stuck with menial administrative tasks just because they know I'll do it. You do whatever it takes.
Also, as my old boss/mentor told me, "if they don't call you a b#%^h every once in a while, you're doing it wrong".

Jen on the Edge

You had me when you said that people were eating at your desk and leaving crumbs. Ewwwww.

You sent emails and left notes, you tried talking to people. Since people persisted in violating your space, you had to take drastic measures. Good for you. Hold your ground.

Do be prepared for some jerkwad to violate the sanctity of the crib sheet just to make a point. Good luck.

Busy Bee Suz

I too would have left a 'sign' but some people need more apparently?
I think this is a very smart idea! Your space is YOUR space, right?


I think your on the correct path. However, if the night staff needs an area, then one should be designated. It should be made clear where they should work and where they shouldn't. I bet the manager doesn't have this problem. As for being called a b**ch - I've been one, called one and still am one when needed. At work I used to say, do you want to be liked or do you want to do your job?


Oops that should be you're not your.


I'd block off your area with crime scene tape, or put an outline of a body on your desk with masking tape. At least then, you're a "bitch" with a sense of humor. :)
(By the way, you know me pretty well, so I'm sure this will come as no surprise to you. All that nonsense would make me crazy!)


HA! Too funny.

I think you should change up the deterrent every week or so... make it the talk of the office and something everyone will look forward to "checking out". Takes the sting out of the "b-tch" comment and makes it fun.


Does it stretch enough to cover the chair too?
I like the crime scene tape, that would be interesting.


how DARE you ask people to respect your space! :P


I think your solution is brilliant! I would hope that people will get the message and you won't have to "sheet" your space forever but it works well. And it's cheery. :D

Green Girl in Wisconsin

That is GENIUS! I mean, they can still set stuff down in your absence, but without making a mess of your desk and probably making it easier to remember it, too. Also? The whole water bottle thing made me gag a little, so this was in order.

Cassi Renee

I'm with you all the way.

But I have to ask --do the night staff not have their own space? If they do, then they're just rude and who cares. But if they don't, why don't they?

Personally, I really like the crime-scene tape idea :-)


I would have lost my shit re: the other water bottle. (Not that I would have been delighted by the other detrius, but that ramps up the ICK factor.) I just think it's incredibly rude to use someone else's space and not leave it exactly as I found it. It will come as no surprise that I have been accused of being both a bitch and prissy, but those comments usually come from rude co-workers or frustrated teenagers.

gary rith

there are times in life you have to be the bitch...because otherwise the bastards will dump their sh!t on you :)


People are quick to call someone else a bitch when they are in the wrong.

Love the sheet idea.

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