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December 05, 2012


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This is so exciting, and I love reading the larger context of this tribute. Congratulations, Mrs. G; and well homaged, Jenn!


Isn't it great news?!


My comment doesn't look right. I think I punctuated it incorrectly. How about

It's great news, isn't it!

Lord help me, I have to do that Capcha again.

mrs. g.

Thank you, Jenn. I'm really touched. 2013 is our year to hug in person!

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I hope to be there with you, Jenn. This trip to California NEEDS to happen!
I'm beside myself with excitement and wish there was a fellow Derf here in my town that I could party with tonight to celebrate.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I had to look it up, but sadly I was not yet blogging at that time. I think I found you a few months later (through the Weekly Words Challenge) and Mrs. G. soon after that (probably through you!) because I was reading your blog when SB was in 8th grade and MVP was a senior in high school.
I've spent time with Mrs. G. in person (and wish she wasn't 5 hours away or I'd be knocking on her door with a bottle of celebratory bubbly in hand right now!) and I am really looking forward to meeting you in person, too! Hopefully this spring! :)

Smalltownmom Me

I go out for the evening and look what happens! Fantastic news!


I was so excited to read about this! When the time comes, I'd love to do my own road trip to attend that viewing party. Such great news!

Aunt Snow

I'll be there, Jenn!!


So excited for her! Well done Mrs G. Well done.


Isn't it great news?! I wish I didn't live in PA, or I would be at your place for a viewing party for sure!


Let me know the date and I can be there!


Heather has one of those hearts that expands to envelope everyone she meets...face-to-face or online. I am so happy and excited the movie is happening for her!

Green Girl in Wisconsin

I want to be in! But I might have to be here hosting my own party--so thrilling and couldn't happen to a finer person.


Such fantastic news, and it couldn't have happened to a better person. So nice of you to acknowledge Mrs. G's well-deserved good fortune as well as your friendship. Thanks Jenn!

Deborah J

It is great news....and if we find her clever and funny, well why wouldn't the world?
...and as I said over at the manor. We knew her BEFORE she was famous...ha!

Busy Bee Suz

I'm so excited for her!!!!! This is just awesome in every way.
What time is the viewing party?? :)


I read you religiously because of Mrs G and the Women's Colony. You are an interesting blogger, a great writer, and I hope you keep going for a long time. Thanks for sharing your life, and HURRAY Mrs G!


Wow how exciting!


Wonderful news! I found Jenn through Derfwad and I dearly, sorely miss that blog. It was entertaining and thought provoking all at the same time. And the mancake...*swoon*!

I usually hate anything Lifetime puts out but I'll tune in to this one!


I am thrilled and though I don't have the same relationship with Mrs. G that you do - finding her blog is the thing that inspired me to write my own!

I am in for the viewing party - or maybe we can have regional ones?

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