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January 20, 2013


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Little Miss Sunshine State

I wouldn't see it as a failure either. She was quick to realize it before it got out of control and she realized she needed to be with her support team.

I'll continue to keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jen on the Edge

I think this is the opposite of failure: I think this is a success, in that she recognized what was going on immediately and then immediately asked for help.

Keeping you all in my thoughts and sending good vibes your way.


It's an unbelievable triumph, in fact; when I was in my first year of college, untroubled by food, I had trouble finding a classroom...much less being self aware enough to know it was time to pull over and take stock.

She's a wonder. I know where she gets it.

NOW: may there be time for you to feel the way you feel, both in terms of current sickness and ongoing Mama processing.


Much love to all of you. Imagining the whole wonderful life ahead of her, one semester is a small price to pay. With her honesty and self awareness, I doubt she will be struggling with this in her 30s and 40s. She knows you will give her the love, support and boundaries she needs. This is a success and very far from being a failure. By showing her weakness, she has shown her incredible strength.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I call that a major triumph in the battle! I'm so proud of your daughter right now, for knowing what she needed and being honest with herself and with you. It took maturity and courage for her to do that.
I'm proud of you and your husband for seeing what is truly important throughout this entire journey. Seriously, I'm tearing up right now. Your family is awesome!


NOT a failure. SB decided she needed help. She did not try to handle it on her own. SB is becoming an adult and doing it with your and MFI's wonderful help. Hang in there family! I am pulling for all of you.

Busy Bee Suz

I'm so darn proud of her! She really has her act together making these mature decisions about her health. The fact that she has such a wonderful/support system to back her up, is all the more better.

gary rith

Wow, family jumping in and working together. Really glad she has self awareness here!


The fact that she was able to recognize the relapse makes this a total success. You all knew this was a chronic illness, and this only illustrates her strength of mind. A chronic illness has to be managed; a lot of people live with chronic illness --in fact, I'll bet all of us live with some chronic condition that causes hiccups in our lives. You must be very proud of her.


It is not a failure. It is success ...100%. I have a suggestion for helping to fill those hours. Write about it. You had mentioned awhile back the possibility of you and Kinsey writing a book about this together. I am watching a friend struggle through a horrific eating disorder with her daughter, and although I have pointed her to your blog, I wish I had a book of yours to hand her. Writing about it as she is experiencing it might be therapeutic for Kinsey as she works toward recovery.


Like everyone else has said - SB's recognizing that she needs more help right now is an amazing success! Taking one semester off from college = so inconsequential in the long run. So happy that she advocated for herself and that so many plans are already in place.


Nope, not a failure by any means. While I am sad to hear about the shift (especially after feeling oddly uplifted by your last update, despite not going through any similar battles), I have no doubt that she and your family can handle this. Kudos to her for opening up and taking action.


I have no experience with EDs but I can recognize how awesome it is that she reached out for help! Will send positive vibes your way!

Smalltown Me

I'm with everyone here. Asking for help is a WIN.


That is great that she knew the signs and that she was able to reach out to you. Also great that you are able to handle it so well!! I hope her time at home goes well for her and that she is able to conquer this!


Oh this is so NOT a failure. It is progress. Eating disorders are a constant, such as an alcoholic will always be an alcoholic. Your daughter should be proud of herself, she knew there was a problem and reached out to you for help. Please thank her for allowing you to share her story here. I really appreciate it.


Far from a failure - it is the biggest win of all that sshe turned to you and you were there for her.


It will be better than fine because SB will be WELL. Nothing's fine if you're not. People go to college at all ages, but being WELL is not something that can wait. Kudos to SB for asking for help. That really is such a big step. My father always says that onto every life a little rain must fall, so consider this just a sprinkle on the road to recovery!


ED is a sneaky bitch, but she slapped that bitch back down!!!

Deb D

The fact that she could recognize and ask for what she needed right now is such a big triumph IMO. Also the ability at her age to realize that in the grand scheme of life a semester is merely a blip shows great maturity. I wake up every morning telling myself this (my being grounded by my broken elbow is going to be about the same length of time) but I'm 52. I don't think I would have realized that at her age and would have probably done all kinds of stupid things that may have hampered healing just because I was invincible. Kudos to SB.


Well done, SB. She's a good egg.

Continued healing to her.

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