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July 17, 2013


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OH, sadly, yes. This has been a tough week of being reawakened to how deep and pervasive this crapass nonsense is.

Did you read the Questlove article I posted on FB earlier today? (Questlove is the drummer for The Roots) It's a very effective essay about how this verdict affected him as a black man. It drove home, for once and all, as he puts it: "I ain't shit."

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

My sister-friend in VA is the mother of 4 handsome young men. (We bonded over this commonality and more.) Two of those young men were pulled over one night for "speeding" in our small town. It is a sad reality that they were suspicious in the eyes of the local police because they were driving a nice SUV (the parents have good jobs, live in a nice house, and have nice cars) and they are black. They were coming home from college and it was after midnight. The policeman was inexcusably rude and insisted that the father come to collect his sons. This is a man who travels all over the world for a major institution. He was, I'm sure, incredibly polite but I know he was livid. When my friend told me this at church the next day, I was so angry. I'm still angry about it. And because of this experience on behalf of my friend whom I love, I will never take for granted the white privilege... a privilege I wish did not exist.
TM could have been one of her sons.

PS: I do love that pic of your boys.


You are so right.

Green Girl in Wisconsin

It's heartbreaking. No justice for the Martin family. Even a manslaughter charge should have been appropriated because what kind of system allows this?


Questlove's essay (like this whole situation) had me in tears. I think the part where he describes becoming, maybe, 75% robot to be able to get through the day is what did me in.


You? Bingo. Well said.

Susan Walker

I wish you lived closer. I am surrounded--SURROUNDED--by extremely conservative, closed-minded folks (being a base/military town) who think nothing like you & I.

I actually had a discussion with a close friend a few weeks ago and told her that there's more to the Paula Deen story than meets the eye. When I told her about the discrimination at work (Bubba's restaurant), and how Paula wanted servants dressed as 'slaves,' she actually said, "GOOD ON HER." I gasped. We had a short debate after that and then agreed to disagree. It literally changed how I felt about her. Talk about a rude awakening.

Anyway--thank you for being you. We need more folks like you in this world, Jenn.

shrink on the couch

Its the most insane justice bending nightmare. Where walking on pavement is considered armed and dangerous and an adult with a handgun approaches a teen is self-defense? !

My son has worn a hoodie walking our neighborhood at night with no thought of being seen as sketchy let alone criminal.

Aunt Snow

Sigh. My first thought, back when the shooting happened, was that Trayvon could easily have been one of my son's friends from high school.

I am not going to revisit the story now that a verdict has been handed down, but as I understand it, no evidence was provided that Travyon instigated a confrontation - Mr. Zimmerman claimed he had during his pre-trial TV appearances, and his lawyers certainly inferred it, but no evidence was presented to corroborate this assertion - you or another commenter can tell me whether I am right on this.


I am so with you on this. My husband thinks that we can't know unless we sat on the jury - I don't agree. Theatrics, excuses and mistakes were made in the trial and still do not support the verdict. The prosecutor was wrong to say it wasn't about race. It was about race and a violent vigilante taking advantage of the gun laws.

Busy Bee Suz

This has been hard for me to watch as well. Knowing this young man was doing nothing wrong....it's just ludicrous. Heartbreaking.
on a lighter note; love that photo of your 'young men'!


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