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October 21, 2013


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Green Girl in Wisconsin

I like it. I'm in. If you start this movement, I'll be right there taking a selfie with my "What's YOUR excuse" proclamation--"I've stayed married, had 3 kids, written novels, restored a native prairie, planted 1000+ trees and traveled to 3 continents. What's YOUR excuse?"
You look FAB in that photo.
I will nOT get started on my opinions of Halloween costumes marketed to those of us with vaginas.


I'm in...not sure what my sign will say but start the movement and I'm there!

Love the photo!! There are not enough days in the year when my hair looks respectable!!

(not liking the costume one tho)


Wow. That costume makes such a scary statement about how socially acceptable it is for women to spend their lives restricting. And I mean restricting everything --their food, their voices, their potential. We (the world) need to do a better job with our daughters --such a lot of wasted potential in the world.

I'd be happy to participate in your project :-)


Totally blown away by that costume. Gosh, aren't eating disorders a laugh riot?


I have no excuse for not having a degree other than I got side tracked by a cute boy and not really liking school all that much. Believe me, I wish I had stuck it out but I really have no desire to do it now.

I just read another blog with a stay at home mom of 6 kids saying all the reasons you should stay home with your kids. I agreed with most of them but not everyone has that option.

Really we all make time to do what we want to do with ourselves. Maybe it's watching some TV, gardening, working out. Whatever makes you happy in the long run is really what it's all about right?

PS that costume is HORRIBLE :(


I cannot believe that costume made it to production!

I like the idea of the signs.


I am thinking about my sign...

I am ever astonished by the tackiness and poor messages contained in the things marketed these days.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

That costume makes me so mad!!! My son's gf has struggled with ED.

I don't know what my sign would say. I came home FRIED from using my brain at work. We should probably all get together, help each other write our signs, and take turns taking one another's photographs. Sounds like a Derfwad Manor party!

Jen on the Edge

That costume is repulsive and the people who came up with the idea should be ashamed of themselves.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen

Sign me up for a sign. Also sign me up for one of your fabulous hair days. You look gorgeous and happy.

That costume. Good lord, people are just such morons. Was there not one person with a brain who saw that pre-production?

Busy Bee Suz

That costume? I have no words. None.
I love your sign idea...aside from the important stuff: Damn, you were having a fantastic hair day and I'm loving your outfit!!! XOXO

Aunt Snow

I'm a little confused by the "what's your excuse" thing.

The costume? vile! Truly!


From a photo that makes me splutter with rage to a photo that makes me splutter with admiration, this post had my attention.

That "what's your excuse" mom exhausts me. I just can't.

shrink on the couch

Love the sign idea. I'm hoping my sign will soon read "I fought one of the biggest developers in Texas and won."

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