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December 28, 2013


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Sorry about your neighbor - how sad for that family! Hang in there, Jenny! And curses on the evil Grinch who zapped you with that work project (I bet it was something they could not get to in the holiday madness, right? So they lobbed it at you!)

I hope Jenny gets the treatment she needs soon!


Oh, my dear! You have had a heaping plate. Hope Jenny gets the treatment she needs and the neighborhood recovers from that trauma. Glad Christmas Day was so fun, sun and warm sounds good to me. Meanwhile here in Utah we are having inversions and smog. Yesterday and today have required my oxygen 24/7. *sigh* Mr. Fix-It is lucky to have escaped some of it.


And I'm glad you're back. I've been missing you.


It is important to know when enough is enough --or too much. And great to have a husband who can scream right back at you to confirm it :-)

I always think Christmas traditions should be flexible. The important thing is family, not the date, right? (Even if you're celebrating it just for religious reasons, it's not like Jesus was actually born on December 25th.)

Smalltown Me

Sometimes there really is too much on the plate. Get your rest and exercise! In the spirit of being flexible, we're doing our thing with the inlaws today, the 29th. One more round of baking for me!

Green Girl in Wisconsin

Here's to some moderation in 2014! It sounds like you had a lot of goodness to balance the bad in that full plate of yours.


Sounds so stressful :( Here's to some peace for you!


It's posts like this that make me feel more normal. Sometimes when I read your blog I wonder how you do so much and moreover why I sometimes feel inadequate. I've always admired you and your energy for your passions. But I admire you just as much for your self-awareness and vulnerability. Take care...


I didn't have nearly so much going on and was stressed this season. too. So glad you had family to help you through and the presence of mind to do what made things work for you.


Another toast to balance! Also, happy new year, my friend!

busy bee suz

Your plate runneth over. Yikes. I'm a fan of all your good stuff....family and going with the flow! So sorry about the things happening.
WIshes for an easier 2014!!!!

busy bee suz

*sorry about the bad things happening.


I'm so sorry, but I'm glad you are attempting to free up your plate now. I have to admit that as I was forcing my family to help me take down the Christmas decorations on January 1st, I thought of you!
If I lived near you, I would be at your doorstep, forcing you to take a "Girl's Day"! You deserve one!
This is unrelated, but I wanted to tell you that I loved your Christmas card - the photo is awesome!


Oh, yes to the notion of a blog as a valve--use it to let off the steam, for sure...I mean, when you're not doing that by having some shouts in the garage with your husband. That's a pretty funny scene, once you're out of the moment of it.

Pedaling back allows to you be reminded that you have to be happy and well yourself before you can pass those things on to others.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I've been worried about you and all that you've been taking on, so I am actually relieved to read this update. (Confession: I'd actually thought, PITA moms are a team, someone else needs to step in and give Jenn a break. So I'm extra-relieved to discover that is what indeed happened.)
My DIL spent 8 weeks with us during a really stressful time: our house was on the market, my mom was dying, graduation, packing and moving -- plus it was HOT & humid (105 - 115F heat index). She still married into the family but it was most definitely under no illusions of perfection!

Wishing your entire neighborhood peace and healing. Wishing you moderation and balance... and karma to whomever tossed that extra work your way via e-mail.

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