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June 22, 2014


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"Girl" is totally one of my pet peeves. Hell, I cringe when my peers talk about their "girlfriends".


It's interesting that being polite, and nice, and therefore NOT telling people that "girl" is inappropriate, has probably backfired. Just a few weeks ago, Emma's guitar teacher called us both girls --he's a nice guy, I doubt he meant it condescendingly, and yet of course it was condescending. And I didn't say anything.

As a gender, we need to learn to stand up for ourselves, be assertive without being unkind. Next time, I'm going to try to it.

Karen (formerly kcinnova)

I'm ashamed to say that I knew nothing of the JMU clusterf*ck. Expelled AFTER graduation? WTH?!? Granted, it didn't take place on their campus, but what a weird "punishment."
I've never really thought of girl(s) being a put-down. I'll be more aware of it now, I'm sure. I do know that in Germany, it is considered a put-down if you refer to someone as "Fraulein" when she is clearly old enough to be honored with "Frau." (Which rendered some of my high school German unusable when we lived there 18 years ago.)


Agreed. 100%! You have probably read it, but there was a well written, very disturbing article written a couple of months ago in the Atlantic. It's about the frat boy culture. There is indeed a societal shift that as happening that bears much further discussion.

Busy Bee Suz

Holy crap….I was only able to read part of that article. (it kept closing on me!) How does that even happen? Makes no sense whatsoever.
Someone shushed you? And you weren't in kindergarten ? what the hell? The nerve….
Honestly though, I refer to my friends as 'girl friends'….I had no idea that was a bad thing.


Shout away, and screw the shush-ers. A couple nights ago, I was shushed, too, and I'm not over it yet. We were sitting in an offensive fundraising scenario, in which the financial contributions of the MBAs, lawyers, and doctors in my graduating college class were pitted against each other, in an effort to get everyone to give more. Our class had already ponied up 1.5 million dollars as a gift. Our class is made up of far more than MBAs, lawyers, and doctors. I was deeply offended on behalf of all of us donators who are teachers, stay-at-home parents, social workers, public policy workers, etc. Then someone shushed me.

I left.

Because, as a grown woman, I can choose not to support the situations that offend me.

Keep talking, girl.

And, yea, I used "girl" on purpose there. Hee.

Aunt Snow

I worked for twenty years in a blue collar, largely male atmosphere, and the only times I heard the word "girl" was generic ("open up the light on the girl in the white dress") or ironic.

Then at 45, I began working in a typical American office environment, and heard everyone calling Grown Women administrative workers "girls." Quite unsettling.

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